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avatar ChineseClass101.com

Hi Letian,
thanks for letting us know about the issue.
Our technical team will take care of it as soon as possible!
Thank you again and we are sorry for this inconvenience :oops: .


avatar Letian

so, for some reason i am unable to access the 2000 word core list, is it just me or a web problem, I don’t know but is there any way to access it…

avatar Frank

Oh, you’re Orion, Alice! BANG! ZOOM! To the moon! :razz:

avatar Bouks

I Klingon to the hope that you won’t resist it!

avatar Frank

Awww, that’s awfully nice of Sioux! How could I resist such a plea?

avatar Bouks

Frank! Come back and join us! Pretty please…with a Cherokee on top? :cool:

avatar Frank

Amber - I went to sleep right after my last comment (about 3:30AM here in Beijing) but the party kept going without me! This was just a well-oiled machine of punnery. Even my departure couldn’t throw a French into their works.

avatar Bouks

By Georgian, I will… too bad you’re not here, you could Tagalog when I go out!

avatar Rob

I Hopi Tsou have a nice weekend!

avatar Bouks

Anyway, I’m out of here…Tatar, everyone! :cool:

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