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Chinese Word of the Day - respect (verb)

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尊重 (zūnzhòng) respect (verb)

Chūyú zūnzhòng, zhège nánhái zài jūgōng.
The boy is bowing out of respect.

Zhège nánhái zūnzhòng tā de zǔfù.
The boy respects his grandfather.

Wǒ bìxū zūnzhòng bǐsài zhōng duìshǒu de cáinéng.
I must respect the talents of my opponents in the race.

Wǒmen bìxū xuéhuì zūnzhòng tārén de gǎnjué.
We must learn to respect the feelings of others.

biǎoshì zūnzhòng
show respect

Wǒ zūnzhòng nǐ.
I respect you.

zūnzhòng tārén
respect others

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