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Lower Intermediate S2 #5 - Is Your Chinese Boss Asking You to Work Overtime Without Pay?
Learn Chinese with! The Chinese Labor Law protects employees from working excessive hours. Under this law, Chinese employers must pay their employees certain additional percentages if they work after hours on weekdays, weekends, or holidays. Be sure to keep this in mind as you navigate the Chinese business world—whether you're an employee or an employer! In this lesson, you'll learn about using the sentence structure 除了 + verb/noun, 还是 + verb/noun, meaning "nothing A but A." This conversation takes place at a restaurant, where Liu and her cousin Wang, who are family, will be speaking informal Chinese. Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic Chinese lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
News #136 - The 1 Hack For Speaking Real-Life Chinese: Line by Line Scripts For Any Conversation
Have you noticed how most conversations use the same phrases and questions? For example, if you’re introducing yourself, you’ll use: “Hello.” “How are you?” “What’s your name?” Did you know you can take advantage of this predictability to speak better Chinese?Click here to get 20% OFF Premium & unlock unlimited ChineseClass101 access! In this Sunday News, find out how you can handle almost any conversation with ChineseClass101 lessons! This is one Chinese learning hack most people ignore. Since most conversations use the same lines, you can easily prepare with the most common questions, answers and phrases.   Learn with ChineseClass101 on the go on your Android, iPhone, iPad or Kindle Fire. Download the Innovative Language 101 App for FREE!
News #133 - What do successful Chinese learners do differently? Listen to these 3 crucial rules.
2014 is halfway through. 80% of learners that set a Chinese learning resolution back in January have given up already. Then, there’s the 20% that will stick to their goals and succeed.Click here to get 6-Month Premium for $66 & exclusive Inner Circle access!What are they doing differently? And why do most learners fail their goals?This is exactly what our ChineseClass101 Inner Circle Members learn and use to their advantage: the success strategies and tested methods for mastering Chinese. In this Sunday News, you get a sneak peek at the Inner Circle and find out how you can join this exclusive newsletter during our 6-month Challenge.
News #124 - Quick Sneak Peek at 2 New Languages & An Olympic-Sized Deal
Did you know you can track your Chinese learning progress with the Dashboard? Yeah? Good! Here’s the news you may not have gotten — there are 2 new language sites on top of all the new lessons, features and apps we’ve released so far in 2014. Winter Olympics Sale: Want complete access to brand new lessons and our advanced learning system? Take advantage of the Winter Olympics Sale and save up to 30% on ALL Subscriptions by February 21st, 2014. Click here to get up to 30% OFF subscriptions! Tune in to this Sunday News to get a sneak peek at the newest languages that have joined our Innovative Language family. Also, find out how to get Olympic-sized discounts and access our newest features of 2014. Visit the brand new Innovative Language sites and sign up for your FREE Lifetime Account. Click here to Learn Czech at Click here to Learn Danish at  
Intermediate Lesson #17 - The Secret to a Spotless House
Learn Chinese with You've been in China for a few months and one of the big adjustments is how dirty the air can get. Needless to say, you're always having to clean your house to get it free of the dust and pollution. Then one way you go to your friends house and are amazed to see how clean it is. "How do you keep your house so clean in a city like Beijing," you ask, seriously impressed. Your friend pauses for a moment, as if she has a big secret and doesn't really want to share it. But you push, and so she tells you.... Learning Chinese with is the most fun and effective way to learn Chinese. In this Chinese Beginner lesson, we share a helpful tip on how to keep your house absolutely spotless while in China. If you're planning to live in China for a while, don't pass this up. Use this Chinese lesson to your advantage and your home will become a home sweet home. So listen up, and then come back to for more fantastic lessons. And leave us a message while you’re there!