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Chinese Curse Words You Should Never Use

Curse words, also known as swear words, bad words, or insults, are for most people considered taboo when teaching and learning Chinese. Teachers will definitely cringe at the thought of their students learning Chinese curse words. For a word to qualify as a swear word it must have the potential to offend, crossing a cultural line into taboo territory. So why would your teacher want you to spend time learning the “wrong way” to speak Chinese?

Chinese curse words

On this page you will discover why you need at least to understand curse words, you will boost your comprehension skills by learning the power of swear words! Don’t forget to download your gifts: 3 FREE Chinese Cheat Sheets from the Top Slang Words you’ll hear in to the Top Rated-R Curse Words!

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Why You WIll Never Reach Fluent Comprehension If You Don’t Understand Them?

Here are 2 reasons why you should study curse and strong words expressions when learning Chinese:

Native speakers use curse words and expressions in everyday conversations

If you plan to study Chinese to speak with native speakers, then you better learn strong words. Native speakers won’t always use formal expressions, otherwise, it would be difficult to establish a real connection. When breaking the ice, it’s not uncommon to joke around or even use curse words for a reason or another. So it is best to at least learn some curse words and expressions if you plan to make friends, to catch everything during small talks.


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Curse words are used all throughout Chinese culture

If you turn on any popular Chinese TV show you are quickly going to see the value of learning curse words. Just like everyday conversations, Chinese culture is filled with curse words or expressions. Without some knowledge, popular culture and informal conversation can be quite confusing.

bad words

The Dark Side of Chinese Curse Words

Identifying Chinese curse words will help you improve your comprehension, give you a better understanding of people and culture. However, using those vulgar words can make you look like a fool, uneducated and disrespectful. Words can be offensive, use the wrong ones and you will quickly turn out to be rude and mean people.

You need to pay attention to understand the context and the cultural sensitivity to use them with caution if you ever decide to use them! Never forget to be responsible and feel the emotion behind the words and how they affect others. I am sure you don’t want Chinese people not only to take you for a creep but also to hate you. Right?

Are You Sure To Be Ready For Your Free Cheat Sheet

You’ve made up so far, it’s time to reward you with your free pdf Cheat Sheet. From Chinese slang to Rated-R curse words we’ve gathered a collection of Cheat Sheet covering the words that you have more chance to hear in the streets of than in a textbook!

Now if you are ready for it, just log in or create a Free Lifetime Account (which will take you 10 seconds), download your pdf and discover a whole new world for any Chinese learner.

Parental Guidance Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. It mainly contains Chinese slang words, nothing offensive but it is informal, only to be used in small talk with friends.

Chinese Romanization English
瞎子 xiāzi blind person
聋子 lóngzi deaf person
瘸子 quézi crippled person
哑巴 yǎbā mute person
弱智 ruòzhì retarded person
穷光蛋 qióngguāngdàn poor person
娘娘腔 niángniáng qiāng sissy
流氓 liúmáng hooligan
猪脑子 zhū nǎozi stupid
怪胎 guài tāi weirdo
牛逼 niú bī crazy good
diǎo freakin good
呆子 dāizi fool
懦夫 nuòfū coward
变态 biàntài freak

PG 13 Cheat Sheet - Forbidden to Under 13 Years Old

This Cheat Sheet contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 13 years old. It mainly contains Chinese strong words used in everyday life, recommended to be used with caution and friends only. (Example: Fool, Idiot, Stupid, Lame…)

Chinese Romanization English
俗气 súqì cheesy
疯狂 fēngkuáng crazy
诡异 guǐyì creepy
shǎ dumb
傻瓜 shǎguā fool
白痴 báichī idiot
混蛋 húndàn jerk
làn lame
胆小鬼 dǎnxiǎoguǐ coward
靠! Kào! Shoot!
闭嘴! Bìzuǐ! Shut up!!
chǔn stupid
固执 gùzhí stubborn
怪怪的 guàiguài de weird
暴脾气 bào píqì cranky

Rated-R Cheat Sheet - Forbidden to Under 17 Years Old

This Cheat Sheet is specifically designed to be downloaded by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 18. It mainly contains Chinese curse words, insulting expressions that will make you sound vulgar. (Example: Damn it, Bastard, What the F***, F words…)