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48. I Can't Find My Glasses

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Posting in Chinese? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Do you wear glasses? Have you ever bought a pair of glasses in China?


Hi, Rachael Wynn,
配眼镜:having eye glasses fitted
配药:make up a prescription; dispense medicines

这件衣服可以 搭配/配 这条裤子。(zhè jiàn yīfu kěyǐ dāpèi /pèi zhè tiáo kùzi .)
This cloth can (be used) to match this pants.


avatar Rachael Wynn

What other words can be used with the word “配”? Other than having eye glasses fitted?

avatar Team

Hi 赛维克思,

The Chinese for “she wore a beautiful ring” is 她戴了一枚漂亮的戒指. If you use 戴上了, it would indicate that the ring is still on her finger.


avatar 赛维克思

要是我要用汉语写 ‘She wore a beautiful ring’, 我写“她戴上了一个漂亮的戒指”。我想 “她戴着一个漂亮的戒指” 应该是 ‘ She is wearing a beautiful ring’.

(If I was going to write ‘She wore a beautiful ring’ I would use le (了)。 I think you wrote this incorrectly, ‘She wore a beautiful ring’ should be ‘She is wearing a beautiful ring’ . Am I correct with this translation?)

avatar LanZi


Not really because 戒指 communicates a “small” impression. We say 环(huan2). So the sentence will be “奥林匹克旗有五色环。” Also we have in Beijing 一环路(1st Ring Road),二环路(2nd Ring Road)etc.

avatar 蓝大卫

The Olympic flag has five colored rings. Can you say 戒指 to describe those rings?

avatar LanZi


Sorry I forgot to mention that for the first time you do need the eye exam. But after that, when you know you prescription, you could get your glasses nice and easy. I was saying this because I had an unpleasant experience at the optometrist’s in England. I knew my exact prescription but they refused to give me glasses unless I take an eye exam which would cost way more than the glasses. So I had to ask my friend to bring me a pair from China.

avatar 蓝大卫

How do you determine your what your prescription is if you don’t visit an optometrist? An American company, Costco, is offering optometry services (from eye exam to glassses) to their customers at a far better price than going through the regular route.

avatar LanZi

I actually prefer getting glasses in China. You don’t need doctor’s prescription at all. You could walk into the 眼镜店(yan3 jing4 dian4)and pick up glasses for you and your friends, as easy as grocery shopping.