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All of the incredible feedback from our great listeners is what gives us the energy and motivation to keep doing what we do every day. Here is a selection of some of the emails, reviews, comments, or mentions that we have received. We want to hear from you! Share your story!
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Luqman Michel
Luqman Michel
Music to my ears. This is the fourth podcast I am listening to. I have been learning Mandarin for almost 2 years and have been eagerly looking for a podcast that I could just switch on and listen to. The other podcasts I had listened to make too many tone mistakes and are therefore confusing. One could fall in love with Echo’s voice. She pronounces the words so clearly whereby I can clearly hear the tone of the word spoken. This, to me, is paramount. Another point I’d like to make is that the person who created the lessons has a good sense of humour making what one reads stick in the memory. One good example is: Dinosaurs clearly went extinct thirty years ago when Santa Claus was president.
Wish you success,
Marco Puorro
Marco Puorro
A few days ago, I went to a Chinese restaurant (in Italy) and the waitress only spoke few Italian words, so I asked her some questions in Chinese, like the city where she lives, and she understood! I also have cable TV and see Chinese Tv-Shows and Songs on CCTV 4; I like that shows have chinese subtitles, so I can recognise words that I have studied on ChineseClass101’s PDFs during my subscription.


Linda R
Linda R
We were transferred to China in January of this year. I was thrilled to come
here but after our arrival, all I could do was introduce myself and tell
people I was American, and loved noodles. (Thank you Victor and Amber!)

I started lessons with a private tutor at the end of February. I “cheated”
and would review the lesson beforehand by listening to ChineseClass101. My
teacher was quite impressed, and thrilled that I could sight read some hanzi
and caught on quickly. However, that backfired when she started to cram
more and more into each lesson.

This week our lesson is on shopping for clothing, food and of course, asking
for various colors. ChineseClass101 did not fail me - I am watching the
videos and learning the colors and names of vegetables, fruits and clothing.
I may not remember them all but at least during class I will quickly learn
to pronounce them so that we can focus on grammar. Thank you

Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia
I am listening ChineseClass101 and it helps me to get used to Chinese. By having access to different levels, I can choose the best one for me, and improve it as fast as I want. And transcripts help a lot to study and memorize new words. It will be good to have a kind of speaking part like other famous programs, to become a complete program.
Selvin Herrera
Selvin Herrera
ChineseClass101 is an excellent site for learning Chinese. You can learn step by step. It’s a great method. And I like that I can learn to write in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
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