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Team Members

victor Victor Ning Growing up in northeastern China, Victor developed an early interest in languages and media from his mother who worked as an radio news anchor. Victor moved to the US at age 15 to attend high school and later graduated from Brown University. A bicultural background has instilled in Victor a passion for promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West; during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Victor worked for NBC as a News Researcher and helped to add cultural insights into the coverage. Through his work with, Victor wishes to introduce Chinese culture and language to audiences throughout the world and facilitate exchanges between China and the rest of the world.
frank Frank Fradella Frank Fradella is the author of more than a dozen books, as well as a successful producer and filmmaker. He is currently in pre-production on his first feature-length movie: Fu & Far Between, and brings his considerable creative skills to ChineseClass101 along with an eye on what it takes to master beginning Chinese based on his personal experiences living in Beijing, China.
echo Echo Yao Echo Yao is a graduate of the Beijing Language and Culture University, where she majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been teaching mandarin offline since 2004 and teaching the language online since 2006. Echo has taught a number of Ivy League students through the Harvard Beijing Academy Project and also has 2 years teaching experience instructing senior managers in leading Korean companies including SK and Sumsung.
brendan Brendan O’Kane After graduating from St. Vitus’ School for Criminal Youth, Brendan stowed away aboard a Shanghai-bound steamer, living off of the rats, opium, and bilge water he found in the hold. After several months learning martial arts in rural Jiangsu province, he passed time as a soldier of fortune in Frederick Townsend Ward’s Ever Victorious Army. He later moved to Beijing, where he resides today, and settled into a more contemplative life as a writer and translator.
david David Lancashire David Lancashire is a translator, programmer and lexographer living in Beijing, China. He is a recognized figure in online Chinese education as the founder of Adsotrans, Popup Chinese and as former Chief Technology Officer for Praxis Language. David is well known in the Chinese translation community for his work on bilingual dictionary development and natural language processing.
zhouli Zhou Li Zhou Li is a graduate of the Beijing Language and Culture University, where she majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She is an experienced teacher who has held a number of jobs in the translation field. She currently lives in Beijing.
Sylvia Huang Sylvia Huang A graduate of Beijing University, Sylvia Huang went on to study English literature at Kenyon College. She currently works in the education industry in Beijing, and podcasts part-time for
An Bo An Bo After graduating from the Communication University of China, An Bo became a live director and editor for the TV show The Classroom of Chinese Culture (国学堂), broadcast on Travel TV (旅游卫视), because of her love for Chinese history and culture. During her time with the show, she gained skills as both a program host and a media editor, and discovered a whole new world of Chinese culture. Now she’s introducing others to her beloved Chinese culture through hosting and editing programs on
Chloe Ding Chloe Ding Chloe is a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, and has spent the past two years in Japan continuing her research in media studies. She has participated in many cultural exchange programs because of her passion for introducing Chinese culture to the world. Chloe has also been involved in several Chinese teaching projects in Japan.
Yinru Yuan Yinru Yuan Yinru Yuan Yinru was born and raised in Jiangxi, China. She is a native Mandarin speaker and is fluent in English. She graduated with a Master’s in English Language and Culture from Jiangxi Normal University. Certified in teaching and interpreting, she worked as a translator, interpreter, and English teacher in China. After moving to Hawaii in 2011, Yinru continued her career in language education. Yinru enjoys experiencing different cultures in different countries. She also loves cooking and photography.
Han Zhang Han Zhang Han Zhang was born in China. She speaks English and Japanese on top of her native tongue, Chinese. She has studied in Japan and the United States and taught Chinese abroad.
Huiyi Zhang (Cho) Huiyi Zhang (Cho) Cho was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and has lived in Japan for around six years. An interest in Japan’s language and culture motivated her to start studying Japanese. Huiyi can speak Chinese, Japanese, and English. She enjoys meeting people from different countries, and is glad that there are so many people who want to learn Chinese.
Yuting Bao Yuting Bao Yuting was born and grew up in the north of China and is currently living in Tokyo and completing a master’s degree at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. She loves science and the study of languages, and published a paper in the first year of her master’s degree. She has worked as a freelance translator from English to Chinese for travel websites. She can speak standard Mandarin and worked as a host at university. She would like to help people who want to study Chinese in the most fun and relaxed way.
Dehua Liang Dehua Liang Dehua Liang was born in Sichuan Province and grew up in the Sichuan and Guangdong Provinces in China. Chinese is her native language, and she speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. She went to Japan at the end of 2000 and worked in a global company for more than 15 years. She is interested in both Chinese culture and Japanese culture. Currently, she is working as a translator and content creator in the ChineseClass team. She is happy to introduce the Chinese language and Chinese culture to listeners. Dehua served the Tokyo Marathon 2016 as a volunteer and hopes to have the chance to serve the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 as well..
Rui Wu Rui Wu A mosaic of cultures and dialects surrounded Rui as she grew up in her family’s hotel in Tongling, the smallest city in China. Since then, she felt an innate desire to communicate with diverse people and nurture an ever-growing understanding of global cultures. This desire sparked her love for learning languages, including English and Japanese. As a graduate student at California State University in Los Angeles, she worked as a public speaking instructor for two years.
Xiaojing Pan Xiaojing Pan Xiaojing Pan was born and grew up in Shanghai. Mandarin is her native language. Over the years, she has built up her knowledge and experience in language learning and teaching. She has a BA degree in English from USST, an MA degree in TESOL from the University of Leeds, and an MA degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the University of Sheffield. Since 2012, she has lived in the UK and Gibraltar and currently lives in Romania. Apart from devoting herself to language-related work, she is a video editor and mother to a 9-month-old.
Maggie Chen Maggie Chen Maggie is from Taiwan. She is currently studying for her Masters in Japan. She can speak Chinese, Japanese, and English. She majored in English in high school. She has studied in England and Canada for a few years.
Janette Janette Janette was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, and French. She loves traveling around the world and meeting people from diverse cultures. She has also lived in Australia, Canada, and France for work and study.
She has a Master of Education degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of New South Wales. During her study, she had an internship at a local English Language Institute where English is taught to immigrants, and helped them adapt into the Australian culture.

She plays the flute and the piano, and once took part in a small Christmas concert at a French chapel with students and musicians from France, America, Japan, and Taiwan. It was a memorable event to see people from different cultures join and work together to celebrate Christmas.

Amy Chen Amy Chen Amy Chen grew up in Northern China and graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology. She has an engineering certificate issued by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (or CSCEC). She has worked as a Berlitz teacher, teaching Chinese to corporation groups. Currently, she’s working as a technical writer and translator for a Swedish tech company.
Evelyn Ren Evelyn Ren Evelyn Ren was born in China and moved to the United States in 2015. She’s currently studying at the University of California, Riverside for an undergraduate degree in business administration. For the past three years, she’s been a freelance translator and is passionate about writing, taking particular pleasure in the art of the English and Chinese languages.