5. Getting News in China

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Posting in Chinese? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.

avatar ChineseClass101.com

avatar ChineseClass101.com

Hi, Joe,

Thank you for your posting.
I think it is good to review again and again until you can master it perfectly for language learning.
And if you go up to the master level, why not move on to the intermediate section?
Chanllege is important, too. :smile:

Team ChineseClass101.com

avatar Joe


I was looking at some of the Beginner Lessons once I have finished the absolute beginner series, and a lot of the material looks to be the same. Once I have finished all the relevant materials in the Absolute Beginner Seasons, should I move on to the Intermediate section?


avatar ChineseClass101.com

Hi Erik,

We don’t say 我要报纸买, it not correct in grammar. I
n Chinese, if a verb is used with a noun to express an action, the noun should be put after the verb. In the phrase 买报纸, 买 is a transitive verb and 报纸 is its object.
For the sentence “You can buy the ticket at the train station” which ends with 买 in Chinese, I think the translation is 你可以在车站买。 Here 买 is used as an intransitive verb, it omitted its obeject 票. Or the translation could also be 票可以在车站买。In this case, its structure is a different from above. In grammar, it is actually 票是可以在车站买的。You can see that 票 is used as the subject in this sentence, therefore, it’s ok for 票 to be put before the verb 买. But in the sentence 我要买报纸, the subject is 我 not 报纸, that’s why your sentence doesn’t make sense.

Team ChineseClass101.com

avatar Erik

In your example you use, 我要买报纸, wǒ yāo mǎi bàozhǐ, ( I want buy newspaper). Is is also proper to say, 我要报纸买, wǒ yào bàozhǐ mǎi, ( I want newspaper buy)? In an earlier lesson about buying a train ticket at the train station, it was “You can buy the ticket at the train station”, with the 买 ending the sentence. It was similar to this: 你可以票在火车站买, nǐ kěyǐ piào zài huǒchē zhàn mǎi.

Thanks for the clarification.