11. Listen to your Chinese Personal Trainer

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avatar ChineseClass101.com

avatar ChineseClass101.com

Hi Paula,

I hope now it is not too late to tell you how to say “I will run very fast” in Chinese. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You can say “我一定能跑得很快。”, which literally means “I absolutely will run very fast”. This is more like a mantra, like you said, or self encouragement.

Hope you enjoyed the half-marathon!

Team ChineseClass101.com

avatar Paula


I’m learning Chinese, but I’m actually still going through the Absolute Beginner lessons on this site. I came across this more advanced lesson searching the site for how to say “to run” in Chinese. Now I know it’s “跑步”. I am running a half-marathon in a couple of weeks from now and I’d like to know how to say “I will run very fast” in Chinese. I plan to say it often to myself during the race, kind of like a mantra, maybe it will help :smile: . Would it be correct to say it like this: “我将跑步得很快”?


avatar ChineseClass101.com

Hi Herman,

这是我们网站的一个节目名字,不是中文词 :mrgreen:

Team ChineseClass101.com

avatar Herman

老师请问 ‘gengo’ 的意思是什?

这个课文很好。 鼓励我们每天要抽出时间来运动或者来锻练。保持身体的健康。