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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 FREE Chinese Lessons You Can’t Miss

Top 10 FREE Chinese Lessons You Can’t Miss

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Greetings in Chinese: Lower Beginner Season 1 Lesson 1
In this Chinese Lower Beginner lesson, you will learn how to form split constructions using the pattern 挺...的 meaning "quite," from a conversation between two people in China.
Speaking with Perfect Chinese Pronunciation: Ultimate Chinese Pronunciation Guide Lesson 1
In this lesson, you'll see an Introduction to Perfect Chinese Pronunciation. Pronunciation is the key to clear communication in any language and in this video series, you'll learn to perfect your Chinese pronunciation!
Talking Nationality in Chinese: Absolute Beginner Season 1 Lesson 2
In this Chinese Absolute Beginner lesson, we will learn how to tell others where we are from, and ask others about their own nationality. This is simple Chinese, as well as Chinese that you can start using right away.
Minding Your Chinese Table Manners: Culture Class Lesson 1
In this lesson of Mind your Manners - Chinese Table Etiquette, Amber and Victor start the buffet off right, with a lesson on the Do's and Don'ts of Chinese table manners.
Talking about Chinese Food: Culture Class: Essential Chinese Vocabulary Lesson 2
In this lesson, you will learn about Chinese Foods. In this 25-lesson series, you'll learn the *most* essential Chinese vocabulary words related to culture and daily life.
Forming Questions in Chinese: Gengo Chinese Lesson 3
In this Chinese Gengo lesson you will learn how to form questions in Chinese and who else seems to migrate to China—you aren't the only one enjoying China for what it is!
Speaking Chinese with Negative Adjectives: Chinese Words of the Week for Beginners Lesson 2
In each lesson of this fun and lighthearted video series, you'll learn five Chinese words and phrases, plus sample sentences.
Celebrating the Chinese New Year: Video Culture Class: Chinese Holidays Lesson 1
In this video, you'll learn all about Chinese New Year in China and how it's celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your Chinese vocabulary. Join Chen for a dose of Chinese culture!
Introducing Yourself in Chinese: Learn Chinese in Three Minutes Lesson 1
Learn to introduce yourself in Chinese with our Chinese in Three Minutes series! In China, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking Chinese.
Saying Thank You in Chinese: Survival Phrases Lesson 1
In this lesson, we learn how to say xiè xie, the most common way to say thank you in Chinese. In this 60-lesson series, you'll learn vital Chinese phrases in each lesson that will help prepare you for an upcoming trip to China.
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The Three minutes and Top 25 questions have the best lessons! :)