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Hanzi Video Lesson

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Hanzi Video Lesson

Postby i940315 » August 22nd, 2009 3:32 am

In JP101, there's a Kanji Video Lesson wherein they choose a Kanji for each lesson and teach their listeners how to write, pronounce, and remember that Kanji. It would be great if CC101 has one too! (and even better if it's in both Simplified and Traditional)


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Re: Hanzi Video Lesson

Postby RavinDave » August 24th, 2009 12:40 am

I've seen those and think that'd be a great idea.

But JP101 sort of coddles users a wee bit though. I think I can handle: "Box with 2 Lines Through It" pretty easy without explicit video instruction. I'd like to see'em toss in a few bad-boy kanji. (To be fair, they do give the on-yomi and kun-yomi, so I can't complain too much).

What they need to do here is to tap into the Heisig approach to Hanzi somehow. I have no idea how. I don't know anyone serious about Japanese or Chinese who doesn't have a dog-earred copy of Heisig and an ANKI database going.
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