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Trial Memberships: an Observation

Posted: September 4th, 2009 4:06 am
by RavinDave
I'm posting this in the Chinese Forum, but it really could go into any Innovative language Forum, since the point is generic. I hope maybe Rob or someone will drop by, take note and maybe pass the suggestion along.

You know what keeps me from signing up for Trial Memberships in other Innovative languages?

Simple ... the second you sign on, the Trial begins.

How's that a problem (you ask?) Simple: I'd kinda like to lurk in the background a bit first. Get a feel for how robust the community is. Get the lay of the land (as it were). Then maybe test drive a few sample lessons.

Is the German group glutted with Newbie lessons, while I'm ready for advanced stuff? Is the Arabic group plagued with .pdf problems? Can I understand the host of the Spanish group? Is anyone answering user questions in the Italian group? [btw: These are just made-up sample questions of what might be going through my head. No need to answer them.]

In short: Wouldn't it be more beneficial if I could trigger the 7-day countdown myself? From inside the group, once I feel a bit more sure I like the set-up?

Just a suggestion ...