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Word Power 2001 on Mobile

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Word Power 2001 on Mobile

Postby gtt240 » July 8th, 2017 12:14 pm


I want to thank you for a wonderful resource. I am a member for several languages with LanguagePod101. I have a question regarding utilizing the improvements that you made on the slideshow with my iPhone. Currently, there is no way of utilizing this for passive learning on my phone, but if you would enable playback of the 2000 words, via the application (I would primarily just use it with the word in Chinese followed by the English translation). I just think that it would be a good addition that would be significantly improved compared to how it was in the old Word Power 2001 audio books with the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish or French without what the word that you just heard meant in English. If you would prefer just putting out a the Word Power 2001 again with the English translations, I would buy each of those separately, even.

I appreciate your help.
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