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CC101 the #1 iTunes Educational Podcast

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CC101 the #1 iTunes Educational Podcast

Postby david » June 4th, 2009 1:13 am

Fantastic news today, worth sharing if you haven't seen it. Executive summary: ChineseClass101 is crushing everything in its path, including - apparently - ABC World News:

You bet we are!

I got the news this morning. We are, officially, a hit. We have, as they say in the business, rocked the Kasbah. The Kasbah has been well and truly rocked. ChineseClass101, where I host the Beginner series, is ranked in iTunes #64 overall (above Anderson Cooper, Dilbert and ABC World News) and #1 in Educational podcasts.

That’s worldwide stats, folks. This isn’t the polling numbers out of Tulsa. We have met the the best and the brightest in our field and we have taken their lunch money and stuffed them in their own lockers.

(You must pardon me for the shameless crowing for just a second, folks. It’s a huge thing.)

I’m am so proud to be part of the team that made this happen. And it’s not just we folks in the Sinosphere, either. The folks holding the #2 slot in the iTunes Education Super Bowl is none other than our sister sight, SpanishPod101. Clock in at #7 are the great people at JapanesePod101, and further down on this same list, you’ll find my friends at KoreanClass101 holding tight at #21. (There were other folks from Innovative Language who also showed on the list, but I was too busy doing that crazy-legs touchdown dance in my living room to write them down.)

Now… this is a mostly personal blog. I try to filter anything professional I share here through the lens of my personal experience. That being said, this was not one person’s victory. It took a lot of us. Me, Dave, Echo, Gail, Andy, Apple and TianSen in Beijing. Amber, Eran and Victor in New York. Peter and his team in Tokyo. This took nations of people.

And you.

You guys went and subscribed and listened and rated and pushed us up that chart until we couldn’t go any higher. You did this. So take a bow, kids. This is your victory, too.

We thank you.

Frank has the details and photo on his blog here:

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Postby bokane » June 4th, 2009 1:48 am

w00t! Someone break out the oversized novelty foam #1 hands!
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