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Monster or Fairy?

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Monster or Fairy?

Postby jas9002_43996 » October 4th, 2017 6:26 pm

Monster or Fairy?
Some of them are truly fairy and god! In the ancient china existed some incredible human-shape creature. If we don't say, people consider they are J.K. Rowling's or western legend's centaur, werewolf, troll...
e.g. Mount Sea Scripture mentions bird body dragon head god
from Mount Flaunt to Mount Dustpan ten mountains all the mount god are bird body dragon head.

Chinese centaur——human face horse body god
from Mount Bell to Mount Pigweed, all 17 mounts, all the ten god are human face and horse body.

not surrender not compromise——use two nipples as eyes, use belly button as mouth, Xing Tian
Mount Sea Scripture records Xing Tian was minister of Emperor Fire, in one battle his head be cutted by the enemy. Although his head was cutted, he not die. He use two nipples as eyes, use belly button as mouth go on fighting.

Although Xing Tian is not good-looking after his head being cutted, he reflects the strong power of life——although body is not completed still fight with full ambition. Thousands years was past by, he still use the not completed body mentions Chinese sons and daughters, life should be like this!

upper story is just one of the learn chinese post on the chinese names story website
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