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Hi everybody! Today we are going to learn 10 Break-Up Lines. Actually I don't want your break you guys’ heart, I love you all the time, so but it's still better to know these lines of break-Up. Ok, let’s begin.
1. 我做了对不起你的事。 (Wǒ zuòle duìbuqǐ nǐ de shì.) "I betrayed you."
You what? Oh! If you betrayed somebody it's a really serious problem in the love relationship, so never do something to betray your lover it can break your lover's heart.
2. 我们做朋友更合适。 (Wǒmen zuò péngyou gèng héshì.) "Friendship is more suitable for us."
Maybe your lover just think you two are better be friends, it's more natural and more interesting, and just talking balance on the friends love, so don’t be so upset, she’s still your friend.
3. 异地恋不能长久。 (Yìdìliàn bù néng chángjiǔ.) "Long distance relationships don't work."
Guys, actually this problem is really serious in China, I have lots of friends in long distance relationships, and maybe they can see each other just once a month, so it's not easy to keep their relationship going. So almost 90% of them have already broke up. Yeah, it's a common problem in China.
4. 我给不了你想要的。 (Wǒ gěi bù liǎo nǐ xiǎng yào de.) "I can't give you what you want."
Actually this sentence is more suitable for the boys, because the boys can't afford the diamond ring, or apartment, or a house, so maybe their girlfriend needs these and they can't give her that, so they will say the sentence and break up with them. Ahh, it’s heartbreaking, don’t do that, maybe the girl doesn’t need the diamond ring or the house.
5. 我们逃不过七年之痒。 (Wǒmen táo búguò qī nián zhī yǎng.) "We can't survive through the seven-year itch."
Seven-year itch, 七年之痒 (qī nián zhī yǎng), is a really popular sentence nowadays.
Seven-year itch is like the breakpoint, you guys may run for 7 years, and suddenly one person loves another one more, and then they become more happy in marriage life, but some people already found all of the disadvantage and know pretty well about each other. So they’d be, like, I’m not going to live with you anymore, so they broke up. So lots of couples divorce in the 7th year, so we call it seven-year itch, 七年之痒 (qī nián zhī yǎng).
6. 我只想专注于我的事业。 (Wǒ zhǐ xiǎng zhuān zhù yú Wǒ de shìyè.) "I need to focus on my career."
But I don't think there is a conflict between your girlfriend or boyfriend and with your career. Actually in China, the girls will help the boys their daily things like breakfast, or do the laundry, so you can have your girlfriend and your career at the same time, don't make this excuse to your girlfriend.
7. 你是个好人,只是我们不适合对方。 (Nǐ shì ge hǎorén, zhǐ shì wǒmen bú shìhé duìfāng.) "You're a good man. It's just we're not right for each other."
Sometimes I feel a little bit sorry for the good man, 好人 (hǎorén), because in Chinese 好人 (hǎorén), means the boys, will do lots of things for the girls but the girls will say “no” to the boys.
8. 我父母不同意。 (Wǒ fùmǔ bù tóngyì.) "My parents disapprove of us."
Actually it’s a pretty common, a serious problem in China, but the modern Chinese parents already changed. In ancient China, your marriage is decided by your parents, not by yourself; so if your parents disapprove of your relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend, that's a serious problem.
9. 我配不上你。 (Wǒ pèi bú shàng nǐ.) "I'm not good enough for you."
I think this sentence is, like, you don't have other excuse to break up, so you can use this one.
10. 我只是不爱你了。 (Wǒ zhǐ shì bú ài nǐ le.) "I just don't love you anymore."
Only this sentence speaks the truth, all the other sentences are excuses. This is the root reason for break up, maybe. There is a slang in Chinese,
如果爱,请深爱。 (Rúguǒ ài, qǐng shēnài.) means “If you love each other, please love deeper.” So please do that, love your boyfriends and love your girlfriends deeper and continue to be loved. The world will be more beautiful with more love.
Okay guys, today we learned 10 Break-Up Lines, I hope you don’t use these sentences to your girlfriends and boyfriends.
如果爱,请深爱。 (Rúguǒ ài, qǐng shēnài.) “If you love, please love deeper.”
And what kind of break up lines have you used? Please comment below and also don’t forget to subscribe. Give me some up(votes), thank you! See you next time, bye-bye!