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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome! Today's topic is 10 Reasons to Learn Chinese.
I guarantee these sentences are really helpful, because if you want to learn Chinese, someone will always ask you why do you want to learn Chinese, so these are the answers. Let’s begin!
1. 因为中文对我的工作很有用。 (Yīnwèi Zhōngwén duì Wǒ de gōngzuò hěn yǒu yòng.) "Because Chinese is useful for my job."
If you can speak Chinese, it's really helpful for your career.
2. 因为我是华裔,我想学习我的传统语言。 (Yīnwèi Wǒ shì huáyì, Wǒ xiǎng xuéxí Wǒ de chuántǒng yǔyán.) "Because my ethnicity is Chinese, I want to learn my traditional language."
In this sentence, 华裔 (huáyì) means some people was born in another country and they take a local education, they have already lost their culture, maybe, sometimes, so that's a really common reason for those people.
3. 我想搬到中国生活。 (Wǒ xiǎng bān dào Zhōngguó shēnghuó.) "I want to move and live in China."
In China, not 100% people can speak and understand English, so it's better you learn some basic words or sentences before you go there.
4. 我很喜欢学习语言。 (Wǒ hěn xǐhuān xuéxí yǔyán.) "I love learning languages."
Yeah, that's a good reason for you to learn Chinese! The world is so beautiful because of the “multi-culture”, 文化多元 (wénhuà duōyuán).
5. 我很喜欢中国的文化和人民。 (Wǒ hěn xǐhuān Zhōngguó de wénhuà hé rénmín.) "I love Chinese culture and people."
And also you can say, like, 中国的文化很悠久 (Zhōngguó de wénhuà hěn yōujiǔ), that means "Chinese culture has a long history."
6. 我喜欢旅行。 (Wǒ xǐhuān lǚxíng.) "I love traveling."
Yeah, that's another common reason for learning Chinese, and also China have multiple scenery, for example "mountain” 山川 (shānchuān), “river” 河流 (héliú), “beach” 海滩 (hǎitān), they’re so beautiful.
7. 中国文化博大精深。 (Zhōngguó wénhuà bódà jīngshēn.) "Chinese culture is rich, extensive and profound."
Yeah, that's right. "Chinese culture has 5000 years of history."
中国文化有五千年历史。 (Zhōngguó wénhuà yǒu wǔqiān nián lìshǐ.)
8. 我希望用中文和我的亲家沟通。 (Wǒ xīwàng yòng Zhōngwén hé Wǒ de qìngjia gōutōng.) "I want to communicate with my partner's family using Chinese."
9. 我在大学里有中文课程。 (Wǒ zài dàxué lǐ yǒu Zhōngwénkè chéng.) "It's part of my university studies."
Oh guys, you're so lucky you have Chinese classes in your university.
10. 学习中文是我的爱好。 (Xuéxí Zhōngwén shì Wǒ de àihào.) "Studying Chinese is my hobby."
I think this hobby is really interesting and a little bit hard, and I recommend you to study the Chinese character, it's really interesting.
Ok! That's all for today, why do you want to learn Chinese? Please comment below, and don't forget to subscribe. See you next time, bye bye!