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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Today our topic is 10 foods that will kill you faster. So in the daily life don't eat any kind of these foods every day, ok? Let's begin!
1. 腊肉 (Làròu) "Bacon (Chinese bacon)"
腊肉中有很多硝酸盐。 (Làròu zhōng yǒu hěn duō xiāo suān yán.) "There's a lot of nitrate in bacon." So that's kind of chemical will kill you faster. This is a bacon.
2. 冷冻食品 (ěngdòng shípǐn) "frozen food"
冷冻食品解冻后细菌会成倍增长。 (Lěngdòng shípǐn jiědòng hòu, xījūn huì chéngbèi zēngzhǎng.) "Bacteria will multiply when frozen food is thawed."
Frozen food.
3. 加工肉类 (jiāgōng ròulèi) "processed meat"
食用加工肉类会增加患肠癌的危险。 (Shíyòng jiāgōng ròulèi huì zēngjiā huàn chángáide wēixiǎn.) "Eating processed meat will increase the risk of getting bowel cancer."
Processed meat. Mmmm… Delicious!
4. 方便面 (fāngbiàn miàn) "instant noodles"
I think everyone will like instant noodles because it’s delicious, affordable and very easy to make but, 方便面缺乏维生素和矿物质。 (Fāngbiànmiàn quēfá wéishēngsù hé kuàngwù zhì.) "Instant noodles lack vitamins and minerals."
5. 糖果 (tángguǒ) "candy"
I love candy! Do you like candy? But candy is high in calories. 糖果的热量很高。 (Tángguǒ de rèliàng hěn gāo.)
6. 能量饮料 (néngliàng yǐnliào) "energy drinks"
“Energy drinks have a lot of caffeine”, so that’s a problem. 能量饮料中有很多咖啡因。 (Néngliàng yǐnliào zhōng yǒu hěn duō kā fēi yīn.).
7. 苏打水 (Sūdǎ shuǐ) "soda"
I think most of the popular soda is Cola.
“Cola is kind of soda.” 可乐是一种苏打水。 (Kělè shì yì zhǒng Sūdǎshuǐ.)
8. 薯片 (shǔpiàn) "potato chips"
This is very crispy, so I like to potato chips very much. Do you like it? But "Potato chips are a kind of deep-fried food, so it's not healthy." 薯片是一种油炸食品所以它不健康。 (Shǔpiàn shì yì zhǒng yóu zhá shípǐn, suǒyǐ tā bù jiànkāng.)
Potato chips.
9. 微波炉爆米花 (wēibōlú bàomǐhuā) "microwave popcorn"
Do you like microwave popcorn? I think the Americans like some microwave popcorn the most. But, "The butter flavor in microwave popcorn has a chemical that can lead to cancer, so it's dangerous." 爆米花中的奶香味物质可以致癌所以它很危险。 (Bàomǐhuā zhōng de nǎi xiāngwèi wùzhi kěyǐ zhìái, suǒyǐ tā hěn wēixiǎn.)
This is a corn. This is a microwave popcorn!
10. 巧克力 (qiǎokèlì) "chocolate"
Do you like chocolate? I like chocolate! I can’t help to eat chocolate every single day. But, “Chocolate has a lot of fat." 巧克力有很多脂肪。 (Qiǎokèlì yǒu hěn duō zhīfáng.) So to keep me slim, I must not eat chocolate every day. This is chocolate. Mmmm…
Okay, that’s all for today! Today we learn 10 foods that will kill you faster. Ah, it's so weird because this kind of unhealthy food really is so delicious, you can't help to eat it. Mmm. Strange right? Do you like this kind of food? Please comment below and don't forget to subscribe. Okay, that's all for today. Bye bye! See you next time!
Bad! It’s a bacon, actually is just like bacon. No, it's not funny. Fat!


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hello Leslie 4 Jones,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. If you eat out it's still relatively easy to find vegetarian food, for vegan food it's rather difficult.

Thank you for learning with us, let us know if you have any questions.

Ngai Lam

Team ChineseClass101.com

Leslie 4 Jones
Monday at 01:34 PM
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I was vegan before I moved to China. I quickly found out veganism is not practiced or even heard of here. Sadly, Since I have moved to China I started eating eggs. So now I am vegetarian. I am glad this video was included to share the harm we are doing to our bodies.

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Friday at 06:47 PM
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你好 robert groulx,

谢谢 for posting and studying with us. If you have any questions, please let us know.😄

Kind regards,

雷文特 (Levente)

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robert groulx
Friday at 07:58 AM
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thank you for the lesson transcript

(wēibōlú bàomǐhuā) "microwave popcorn"


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Sunday at 01:11 AM
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Hi Daniel

Thanks for sharing your insight.


Team ChineseClass101.com

Monday at 02:25 PM
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qiǎokèlì - I was surprised to see this on the list. Chocolate provides cancer-fighting antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Yes, there are fats and empty calories found in the cheaper milk-chocolates, so go for the good stuff 70% Cacao or more.

fāngbiàn miàn - This is an "it depends" food. If dried by flash-frying in oil, then it will contain saturated fats and contain unhealthy chemicals to make it last longer at room temperature. On the other hand, boil some with an egg and add some vegetables, and you can still turn it into a healthy quick meal.

I liked the lesson. Thank you! :-)