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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Chinese Top Words. Today, we are going to cover 10 must know math words in Chinese. Okay, the first one, let’s see…
1. 数学 (shùxué) “math”
我的数学不太好。 (Wǒ de shùxué bútài hǎo.) “My math is not so good.”
But most of my Chinese friends’ math are very good that’s why I majored in communication.
2. 一半 (yíbàn) “half”
这个饼干我们一人一半吧。 (Zhège bǐnggān wǒmen yì rén yí bàn ba.) “Let's split the cookie, half for you and half for me.”
3. 百分之... (bǎifēn zhī…) “...percent”
只有百分之四十的同学通过了考试。 (Zhǐyǒu bǎifēn zhī sìshí de tóngxué tōngguò le kǎoshì.) “Only 40% of the students passed the exam.” And this happens frequently in my school in every school in China. I think it’s one of the hobbies of Chinese teachers who likes to challenge the students. If like there are 40%, 30%, 20% of the students passed the exam, they will feel very excited.
4. 奇数 (jīshù) “odd number”
最小的奇数是几? (Zuìxiǎo de jīshù shì jǐ?) “What is the smallest odd number?”
5. 加 (jiā) “to add”
老师加上学生一共20人。 (Lǎoshī jiāshàng xuésheng yígòng èrshí rén.) “There are a total of 20 people including teachers and students.”
6. 减 (jiǎn) “minus”
八减一等于七。 (Bā jiǎn yī děngyú qī.) “Eight minus one is seven.”
7. 乘 (chéng) “times”
你会背乘法口诀表吗? (Nǐ huì bēi chéngfǎ kǒu jué biǎo ma?) “Can you recite the multiplication table?”
Like in China, we have a deadline, like if you cannot recite the multiplication table successfully by today’s afternoon, then you have to stay in the classroom until your parents pick you up. I still remember the dark night I cannot go home because of that.
8. 除 (chú) “to divide”
二十除以四等于五。 (èrshí chú yǐ sì děngyú wǔ.) “Twenty divided by four is five.”
除 (chú) in Chinese can also mean “except”. We’re going to the beach “except you”. 除了你 (chúle nǐ). 你 (Nǐ) means “you”.
9. 等于 (děngyú) “to be equal to”
一加一等于二。 (Yī jiā yī děngyú èr.) “One plus one equals two.”
10. 四分之一 (sìfēnzhīyī) “fourth”
二十的四分之一是五。 (èrshí de sìfēnzhīyī shì wǔ.) “One fourth of twenty is five.”
Okay, thank you for watching today’s Chinese Top Words. In China, we have our own hand gestures for numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, yeah or 10. Let us know, do you like math or not? Don’t forget to check out the ChineseClass101.com and I will be waiting for you next time. Bye!