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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Chinese Top Words. My name is Rui. Today, we are going to cover top 10 ways to prepare your travel.
1. 选择目的地 (xuǎnzé mùdì dì) “to choose your destination”
我早就选择好了我的目的地。 (Wǒ zǎojiù xuǎnzé hǎole Wǒ de mùdìdì.) “I had my destination chosen a long time ago.”
I think comparing to scheduling your trip, choosing your destination is much easier. For now, I really want to go to Taiwan. It’s a place I had been wanting to go for a long time and since now I’m in Japan, it’s affordable and it’s easy and I know the local language so yeah, this is a destination for my next trip.
2. 买旅行指南 (mǎi lǚxíng zhǐnán) “to buy a guidebook”
你在哪里买的旅行指南? (Nǐ zài nǎlǐ mǎi de Lǚxíngzhīnán?) “Where did you get your travel guide?”
For my travelling experience, I never buy a guidebook especially for now, it’s so easy to use Google and TripAdvisor. Maybe guidebook works for you.
3. 存钱 (cún qián) “to save money”
我要从今天开始存钱! (Wǒ yào cóng jīntiān kāishǐ cúnqián!) “I need to start saving money from today!”
For me, saving money is always from tomorrow. It’s like my friend’s diet plan, I will start diet from tomorrow. For me, I will start saving money from tomorrow.
4. 订机票 (dìng jīpiào) “to book a flight”
在星期二订机票会比较便宜。 (Zài Xīngqīèr dìng jīpiào huì bǐjiào piányi.) “It will be cheaper to book your flight on a Tuesday.”
5. 请假 (qǐngjià) “to request vacation time”
我想在十二月请假两周。 (Wǒ xiǎng zài Shíèr yuè qǐngjià liǎng zhōu.) “I would like to ask for a two-week leave in December.”
6. 预订住宿 (yùdìng zhùsù) “to book accommodations”
你的任务是预定住宿。 (Nǐ de rènwu shì yùdìng zhùsù.) “You're assigned to reserve accommodations.”
7. 查看当地天气 (chákān dāngdì tiānqì) “to check local weather”
走之前记得查看当地的天气。 (Zǒu zhīqián jìde chákān dāngdì de tiānqì.) “Remember to check the local weather before you take off.”
8. 购买旅行保险 (gòumǎi lǚxíng bǎoxiǎn) “to buy travel insurance”
旅行社常常会推荐你购买旅游保险。 (Lǚxíngshè chángcháng huì tuījiàn nǐ gòumǎi lǚyóu bǎoxiǎn.) “Travel agencies often recommend you buy travel insurance.”
9. 打包行李 (dǎbāo xínglǐ) “to pack your luggage”
每次打包行李的时候我都很兴奋。 (Měicì dǎbāoxíngli de shíhou Wǒ dōu hěn xīngfèn.) “Every time I pack my luggage I feel very excited.”
I only feel excited at the moment of buying the plane ticket, but packing my luggage, it’s not such a fun thing to do for me, like I always fill too many things to fill in my luggage.
10. 办签证 (bàn qiānzhèng) “to get a visa”
办签证不是件容易的事。 (Bàn qiānzhèng bú shì jiàn róngyìde shì.) “Getting a visa is not so easy.”
I’m trying to get a visa from America next week. Wish me luck.”
Thank you for watching today’s Chinese Top Words. Let us know how are you going to prepare your travel and where is your next destination. Don’t forget to subscribe to ChineseClass101.com. I will see you next time. Bye!


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