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Lesson Transcript

Hi! Welcome to Chinese Top Words. My name is Rui. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 most romantic ideas for a date.
1. 烛光晚餐 (zhúguāng wǎncān) “candlelit dinner”
哪个女孩不喜欢烛光晚餐? (Nǎ ge nǚhái bù xǐhuān zhúguāng wǎncān?) “What girl wouldn't like a candlelit dinner?”
Do you like a candlelit dinner? I don’t like it because I always feel a little...I’m kind of clumsy so if there two candles on the dinner table, I feel a little nervous like I’m going to do something dangerous or cause some trouble by the fire by accident so I don’t really like candlelit dinner.
2. 散步 (sànbù) “to go for a walk”
我们去河边散散步吧。 (Wǒmen qù hébiān sǎn sànbù ba.) “Let's go for a walk along the river.”
3. 打保龄球 (dǎ bǎolíngqiú) “to go bowling”
这个周末去打保龄球怎么样? (Zhège zhōumò qù dǎ bǎolíngqiú zěnmeyàng?) “How about going bowling this weekend?”
Do you like bowling? I just tried it last week and I had so many gutterballs. I will improve my bowling skills. I got one spare once. Good for me for the first time bowling!
4. 去水族馆 (qù shuǐzúguǎn) “to go to the aquarium”
去水族馆需要一整天的时间。 (Qù shuǐzúguǎn xūyào yì zhěng tiān de shíjiān.) “Visiting the aquarium will take a whole day.”
I visited the aquarium in Japan. I really enjoyed it and the tank is huge. If I have my time, I could just watch there like watch the huge tank and so many fishes in front of me. I feel like I’m living in the sea with the fishes. I really enjoyed it. I strongly recommend it.
5. 去看歌剧 (qù kàn gējù) “to go to the opera”
我很少去看歌剧。 (Wǒ hěn shǎo qù kàn gējù.) “I rarely go to the opera.”
I do rarely go to the opera, only two times, and fell asleep two times, both times, yeah. I went to an opera house in Beijing, but it’s so pretty and the whole experience is good, but I just feel sorry like I don’t understand it like so much so I fell into sleep.
6. 上陶艺课 (shàng táoyì kè) “to take a pottery class”
最近挺流行上陶艺课的。 (Zuìjìn tǐng liúxíng shàng táoyì kè de.) “Taking a pottery class is very popular lately.”
I think I will enjoy a pottery class even though I’d never had experience yet because I like messing up things.
7. 野餐 (yě cān) “to have a picnic”
今天的天气很适合野餐。 (Jīntiān de tiānqì hěn shìhé yěcān.) “The weather today is perfect for a picnic.”
So in China, in elementary school, we have spring travel for a very short time, like, in one day and that’s actually our picnic time because as a little kid, the teachers will not really take us to a place really far and just very simple, like bring something, snacks, bring some bento and we’re going to have a picnic together, and that’s kind of my favorite time in my elementary school days. I really enjoyed it.
8. 吃晚饭,看电影 (chī wǎnfàn, kàn diànyǐng) “to have dinner and see a movie”
吃晚饭,看电影是每对恋人都做过的事情吧。 (Chī wǎnfàn, kàn diànyǐng shì měi duì liànrén dōu zuò guò de shìqing ba.) “Going to a dinner then a movie must be something that every couple has done.”
So in China, many couples will spend their week and time for having a dinner and then watching a movie. But sometimes, I think not only China, they will fight about, they will have a little quarrel about what movie to see.
9. 坐船 (zuò huán) “to take a ferry ride”
在约会的夜晚坐船看风景也是很浪漫的。 (Zài yuēhuì de yèwǎn zuò chuán kàn fēngjǐng yě shì hěn làngmàn de.) “Taking a ferry ride and enjoying the view on a date night is also very romantic.”
So if you visit China especially Shanghai, I strongly recommend The Bund and you can take a ferry ride at night to enjoy the view of Shanghai. It’s very pretty and it’s a famous spot for the couple’s date.
10. 去博物馆 (qù bówùguǎn) “to go to the museum”
去博物馆可以学到很多东西。 (Qù bówùguǎn kěyǐ xuédào hěn duō dōngxi.) “You can learn quite a lot when going to a museum.”
I remember there was a museum in the People’s Square in Shanghai. People’s Square is located in the center of Shanghai and it’s free for foreigners. You can learn a lot of Chinese culture there. You will enjoy this experience in visiting museum in China I believe.
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