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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Top Chinese Words. My name is Rui. Today, we are going to talk about 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School. Let's begin!
1. 书包 (shūbāo) "backpack"
我的书包可沉了。 (Wǒ de shūbāo kě chén le.) "My backpack is so heavy."
I always have a question about the foreigners who travel to China or travel to other places. They always carry a super huge backpack, right? Like, it's a mystery in China. Like, as Chinese, we usually have a question like: "Why don't foreigners put their backpack at their hotels?" and just go enjoy, relax in the travel. Yeah.
2. 同学 (tóngxué) "classmate"
我们是小学同学。 (Wǒmen shì xiǎoxué tóngxué.) "We were classmates in elementary school. "
3. 家庭作业 (jiātíng zuòyè) "homework"
妈妈检查了我的家庭作业。 (Māma jiǎn chá le Wǒ de jiātíng zuòyè.) "Mom checked my homework."
As in, in China, most people will have nightmares of never-ending homework from the school. If you finish your homework every day like; in high school, it's almost impossible. At least for me, yeah.
4. 考试 (kǎoshì) "exam"
下星期就要考试了,我好紧张。 (Xiàxīngqī jiù yào kǎoshì le, Wǒ hǎo jǐnzhāng.) "The exam is coming up next week; I'm so nervous. "
Yeah, I'm nervous because I am scared if my cheat will get caught.
5. 暑假 (shǔjià) "summer break"
暑假总是过得很快。 (Shǔjià zǒngshì guò de hěn kuài.) "Summer break always goes by fast. "
If you have some person you really like at school, you will feel summer vacation goes by very slow.
6. 学校 (xuéxiào) "school"
我的学校离我家很近。 (Wǒ de xuéxiào lí Wǒ jiā hěnjìn.) "My school is close to my house. "
7. 学习 (xuéxí) "to study"
她学习很努力,老师们都很喜欢她。 (Tā xuéxí hěn nǔlì, lǎoshīmen dōu hěn xǐhuān tā.) "She studies very hard; all the teachers like her. "
If you're nerdy, all your teacher like you. Seriously, in China, if you're nerdy, teachers like you and you're popular too.
8. 今天是开学第一天. (Jīntiān shì kāixué dì yī tiān.) "It's the first day of class."
Usually, I get very excited about the first day of school and I make my resolution on the first day of school. I'm gonna study hard and I'm gonna make friends. I'm gonna do my homework well. I'm not gonna be late. But all my excitement will go away on the maybe next week, I guess.
9. 我们在同一个班! (Wǒmen zài tóng yí ge bān !) "We're in the same class!"
If you happen to find your enemy with your school classmates in the same class with you in the high school and you happen to find him. So you're gonna say, Hey! 我们在同一个班!(Wǒmen zài tóng yí ge bān!) "We're in the same class!"
10. 你是什么专业? (Nǐ shì shénme zhuānyè?) "What is your major?"

When you go for a job interview. it's a question people will usually ask. What is your major? Where did you study? What courses do you cover in your school? "What is your major?" 你是什么专业?(Nǐ shì shénme zhuānyè?)
Thank you for watching today's Top Chinese Words. Let us know what do you like doing in the school. What did you do to survive the school? Do you like the school? Are you getting excited to get back to school? Let us know in the comments below. I'll see you next time. Bye!