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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Chinese Top Words. My name is Rui. Today, we are going to talk about top 10 marriage proposal lines which might be very useful for some audiences today.
1. 嫁给我好吗? (Jià gěi Wǒ hǎo ma?) “Will you marry me?”
So when you put on the ring, ah, you have to show her a ring so when you show her a ring, ah, “Will you marry me?, Ah 嫁给我好吗? (Jià gěi Wǒ hǎo ma?).
I’m not good at this.
2. 你愿意作我的妻子吗? (Nǐ yuànyì zuò Wǒ de qīzi ma?) “Will you be my wife?”
“Wife” in Chinese, 妻子 (qīzi). The counterpart is “husband” 丈夫 (Zhàngfu), 丈夫 (Zhàngfu). A more casual way of saying husband is 老公 (Lǎogōng). It sounds more intimate, 老公 (lǎogōng), it’s like that. Even before they get married, some girls will call their boyfriend 老公 (lǎogōng).
3. 你是我这辈子一直在等的那个人。 (Nǐ shì Wǒ zhè bèizi yìzhí zài děng de nà gè rén.) “You are the one I've been waiting for my whole life.”
I think this sentence, you don’t have to wait until proposal. You can use it before you want somebody to be your girlfriend or your boyfriend officially.
你是我这辈子一直在等的那个人。 (Nǐ shì Wǒ zhè bèizi yìzhí zài děng de nà gè rén.) You will stress 一直 (yìzhí). 一直 (Yìzhí) in Chinese means “always”. 那个人 (Nà gè rén) means “the one”.
你是我这辈子一直在等的那个人。 (Nǐ shì Wǒ zhè bèizi yìzhí zài děng de nà gè rén.)
Yeah, I feel I’m a character in Chinese or Korean drama.
4. 我想永远和你在一起。 (Wǒ xiǎng yǒngyuǎn hé nǐ zài yìqǐ.) “I want to be with you forever.”
永远 (Yóngyuǎn) means “forever”. A similar sentence will say, if you can reject it, just if. I don’t want it to happen to any audience here, but just if it happens, you can say, “I'll be waiting for you forever.”, 我会永远等你。 (Wǒ huì yóngyuǎn déng nǐ.). 我会永远等你。 (Wǒ huì yóngyuǎn déng nǐ.) “I'll be waiting for you forever.”
5. 让我们共度余生吧。 (Ràng wǒmen gòngdù yúshēng ba.) “Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.”
If the one, my boyfriend, told me, 让我们共度余生吧。 (Ràng wǒmen gòngdù yúshēng ba.), I’ll feel so happy to say, yeah, “sure”, 当然 (dāngrán). Yes, “I’d love to.” 我愿意。 (Wǒ yuànyì.). Chinese men are relatively shy and not getting used to the formal proposal so much so it sounds casual, but actually it is serious for proposing to you, he wants to marry you so 让我们共度余生吧。 (Ràng wǒmen gòngdù yúshēng ba.), he’s actually proposing to you. Don’t miss that.
6. 有你在我身边我的人生才完整。 (Yǒu nǐ zài Wǒ shēnbiān Wǒ de rénshēng cái wánzhěng.) “Having you by my side is what completes me.”
So far, this is my favorite line so I do feel the importance of my existence in this person’s life and not too dramatic.
7. 我没办法想象没有你的日子我该怎么办。 (Wǒ méi bànfǎ xiǎngxiàng méiyǒu nǐ de rìzi Wǒ gāi zěnme bàn.) “I can't imagine my life without you in it.”
Personally, I will feel so much pressure after hearing this from anybody. I know it’s affectionate, but maybe it’s a little too much.
8. 现在我知道了,我们俩注定要在一起。 (Xiànzài Wǒ zhīdao le, wǒmen liǎ zhùdìng yào zài yìqǐ.) “I now know that you and I are truly meant to be together.”
So this line/situation, is more like after so many things happened, ups and downs, maybe breakup after breakup and getting together, breakup again and after a lot of things, I finally realized you’re the one and you will say this line - 现在我知道了,我们俩注定要在一起。 (Xiànzài Wǒ zhīdao le, wǒmen liǎ zhùdìng yào zài yìqǐ.) after so many things.
9. 在遇见你之前我不知道我的生活是有多么的空虚。 (Zài yùjiàn nǐ zhīqián Wǒ bù zhīdào Wǒ de shēnghuó shì yǒu duōma kōngxū.) “Before I met you, I never realized how empty my life was.”
空虚 (Kōngxū) in Chinese means the person’s life mentally is not satisfied, has no purpose of life. I don’t know where it might go or my life is, I feel insignificant in this world so it means I feel 我觉得很空虚。 (Wǒ juédé hěn kōngxū.) “I feel empty.”, I feel lonely, I feel insignificant. So after I met you, I feel my life has a purpose now. I feel my life is full of joy. I feel my world becomes different, it’s full of colors so it’s not empty anymore. 我的生活不再那么空虚了。 (Wǒ de shēnghuó bú zài nàme kōngxū le.) “My life doesn't feel so empty anymore.”
10. 我们在一起是天意。 (Wǒmen zài yìqǐ shì tiānyì.) “We are meant to be together.”
This is a kind of proposal with strong emotion like you have strong affirmation she or he is the one, “We’re meant to be together.”. 天意 (Tiānyì) is “destiny”, you cannot escape from it regardless whether you’re thinking about me or our relationship now, I know we’re going to be together.
Thank you for watching today’s Chinese Top Words. I hope you learned some useful tip in proposing and useful Chinese words. Please subscribe to ChineseClass101.com. I will see you next time. Bye!