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Lesson Transcript

Hey everyone! Welcome! Today we’re going to learn 10 Favorite Words chosen by you, let’s get started!
1. 喜欢 (xǐhuān) "like"
中国人很喜欢打麻将。 (Zhōngguórén hěn xǐhuān dǎ májiàng.) "Chinese people like to play mahjong."
Mahjong Is a very popular Chinese game.
2. 对不起 (duìbuqǐ) "I'm sorry.“
More casual way to say I’m sorry in Chinese is 不好意思(bùhǎoyìsi).
不好意思(bùhǎoyìsi) is a very common way to say 对不起 (duìbuqǐ).
For example, 啊,对不起, or 不好意思,您能告诉我天安门广场怎么走吗?
(à, duìbuqǐ, or bùhǎoyìsi, nín néng gàosu Wǒ Tiānānménguǎngchǎng zěnme zǒu ma?)
That means ”I’m sorry, or excuse me, could you please tell me where is the Tiananmen Square?"
3. 尊敬 (zūnjìng) "respect"
For example, 尊敬的各位领导 (zūnjìng de gèwèi lǐngdǎo) You can also hear that in the TV show, that means “respect bold leader”.
And also you can say “I respect my teacher” 我很尊敬我的老师。 (Wǒ hěn zūnjìng wǒ de lǎoshī.)
4. 我爱你。 (wǒ ài nǐ.) "I love you."
我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) "I love you."
Maybe for the lover, we can say "I love you" 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ). But for the parents, we don’t say that.
5. 是真的。 (shì zhēnde.) "It's true."
If you want to illustrate something that it’s really really true, you can say that.
这是真的,请你相信我。(zhè shì zhēnde , qǐng nǐ xiāngxìn wǒ.) "It's true. Please trust me.”
And also you can ask someone "Is that true?”
这是真的吗? (zhè shì zhēnde ma?)
6. 有点问题。 (yǒudiǎn wèntí.) "It's not alright."
小王,过来过来,这个文件有点问题。再拿去改一改。 (Xiǎo Wáng , guòlai guòlai , zhège wénjiàn yǒudiǎn wèntí . zài náqù gǎi yì gǎi.) It’s like the boss tell the staff, “Come here, Miss Wang. This file is not alright. Please correct it again."
7. 热情 (rèqíng) "passionate"
For this word, in the Chinese character it has two meanings. The first is passionate, the second is hospitable. For the first one you can say 我对工作有无限的热情。 (Wǒ duì gōngzuò yǒu wúxiàn de rèqíng.) "I'm super passionate about my work."
8. 真棒 (zhēnbàng) "awesome"
For example, you found a new job, I will say
啊,真棒。太棒了。(à, zhēnbàng. tài bàng le.) that means "Awesome!!”
啊,你真了不起。你好棒。 (à, nǐ zhēn liǎobùqǐ . nǐhǎo bàng.) that also means “Awesome!”
9. 抱抱我 (bào bào wǒ) "give me a hug"
You made some mistakes, and you want to make the other person happy, you say “please forgive me, sorry. Give me a hug."
我错了,对不起嘛。抱抱我。 (wǒ cuò le , Duìbùqǐ ma . bào bào wǒ.)
10. 淘气 (táoqì) "naughty"
For this word, I think it’s just used for little boy or little girl, 5 years old, 6 years old. You can say 啊,你这个小孩子,太淘气了。 (à , nǐ zhège xiǎo háizi , tài táoqì le.) that means ”you are so naughty."
Ok, that’s all for today, today we did 10 Favorite Words chosen by you, and my favorite word is… guess? 抱抱我 (bào bào wǒ) "give me a hug" What’s your favorite word? Please comment below and tell me your favorite word. Thanks for watching, please subscribe. Bye Bye!


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