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Lesson Transcript

Hi! My name is Rui.
Welcome to ChineseClass101.com.
Today, I’m gonna introduce you 5 Most Popular Chinese Bands
The first one is…
黑豹乐队 (Hēi bào yuèduì) “Black Panther”
(Hēi bào yuèduì shì zhōngguó zhùmíng yáogǔn yuèduì zhī yī.)
“Black Panther is one of the most famous rock bands in China.”
羽·泉 (Yǔ Quán)
(Yǔ Quán shì 'wǒ shì gēshǒu' dà sài de shǒujiè guànjūn.)
“Yu Quan was the first champion of the 'I am a singer' contest.”
Yu Quan is a band which consists of 2 guys, their most famous song is 最美(zuìměi).
Yeah, check it out, it’s very beautiful, with lyrics and with the rhythm, let me think…
你在我眼里是最美。(Nǐ zài wǒ yǎn lǐ shì zuìměi.)
Everybody can sing one or two sentences. Check it out!
凤凰传奇(Fènghuáng chuánqí)
(Fènghuáng chuánqí jiāng jīngdiǎn de mínsú yīnyuè yǔ diànzǐ yīnyuè, shuōchàng děng yuánsù rónghé zài yīqǐ.)
“Feng Huang Chuan Qi fuses classical folk with elements of electronic music, rap, etc.”
So, their music style, no matter if you like it or not, it’s… we call it “brainwash-music.”
So once you heard it, like, regardless of your preference of music, it keeps playing in your brain.
It’s very catchy, it’s their music style. Just check it out and you will know.
牛奶咖啡 (Niúnǎi kāfēi) “Milk Coffee”
(Wǒ fēicháng xǐhuan niúnǎi kāfēi zǔhé de nàshǒu “míngtiān, nǐ hǎo”.)
“I really like the song ‘Hello,tomorrow’ which is sung by Milk Coffee.“
so this band is one of my favorite Chinese bands in China, it can always relax me down when I'm stressed out or feel disappointed about my life, lost my confidence… their music are very soothing and encouraging. Yeah, this one too, “Hello, tomorrow,” I strongly recommend it!
黑鸭子演唱组合 (Hēi yā zi yǎnchàng zǔhé)
(Hēi yā zi yǎnchàng zǔhé shì zhōngguó zuìzǎo de héshēng zǔhé zhī yī.)
“Hei Ya Zi Yanchang Zuhe is one of the earliest harmony groups in China.”
So, this band consists of 3 girls, and this fancy name is really interesting, actually, because literally it can be translated into “black duck.” So the three girls always wear black and appear on the TV but with very refreshing, very new voice, very harmonious. So it was very popular one time before.
Thank you for watching today's Chinese Top Words! Let us know which is your favorite Chinese band in the comments, and I will see you next time, bye!


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