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Lesson Transcript

Let's review the key vocabulary and phrases.
出 (chū) "to come out." 出. 出。
太阳 (tàiyáng) "sun." 太阳. 太阳。
出太阳 (chū tàiyáng) "sun comes out" 出太阳。
下 (xià) "to go down." 下. 下.
雪 (xuě) "snow" 雪. 雪
下雪 (xiàxuě) "to snow" 下雪. 下雪
刮 (guā) "to blow." 刮. 刮.
刮风 (guāfēng) "wind blows" 刮风. 刮风.
今天 (jīntiān) "today." 今天. 今天。
Let's review.
Respond to the prompts by speaking aloud.
Then repeat after me, focusing on pronunciation.
Do you remember how to say "to rain?"
下雨 (xiàyǔ)
Do you remember how Karen Lee says,
"It's raining"
在下雨。 (Zài xiàyǔ.)
在下雨。 (Zài xiàyǔ.)
Do you remember how to say "weather?"
天气 (tiānqì)
Do you remember how Xiaoyun Xu asks,
"How's the weather?"
天气怎么样? (Tiānqì zěnme yàng?)
天气怎么样? (Tiānqì zěnme yàng?)
Do you remember how to say "to snow?"
下雪 (xiàxuě)
And how to say "sun comes out?"
出太阳 (chū tàiyáng)
Do you remember how to say "today?"
今天 (jīntiān)