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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Did you get it right?

Monday at 05:10 AM
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Did he pronouced ๅฎถ in the sentence?

Thank you!

ChineseClass101.com Verified
Saturday at 04:10 AM
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Hi Muli

You are right. ๅพ— (dฤ›i) is used mainly in Northern China, such as Beijing and around, probably in most part of Northeast China, but Shanghai or Guangzhou people don't use it. In a Chinese dictionary, ๅพ— with Pinyin (dฤ›i), has almost only one meaning: must, need to.

ๅพ— (dฤ›i) is also requested by HSK test, HSK 3 or HSK 4, since HSK is more Beijing oriented.

Thanks for learning with us.


Team ChineseClass101.com

Friday at 04:35 AM
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I lived in China for over 5 years and to my knowledge I never encountered this use of ๅพ— (dฤ›i) meaning " to need to". Is this regional or more common in certain areas of China? Taiwan perhaps?

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Monday at 01:40 PM
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Hi Arthur,

Thank you for posting!

It was weekday :sweat_smile:

You should see their fridge on weekends :sunglasses:

:smile: Let us know if you have questions.



Team ChineseClass101.com

Thursday at 12:08 PM
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They only gots one bottla beer and he ain't buying somemore? Egads!