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Lesson Transcript

Hello. Hi 你们好,又见面了! welcome back to Chinese weekly words.
So this week, we are going to talk about vegetables. 蔬菜 (shūcài) Vegetables.
大蒜(dàsuàn) is ”garlic"
常吃大蒜对身体好.(cháng chī dàsuàn duì shēntǐ hǎo.)"Eating garlic regularly is good for your health."
Another strong, strong flavor, vegetable: 洋葱(yángcōng )
洋葱(yángcōng ) is ”onion"
你吃过洋葱炒鸡蛋吗?(nǐ chīguò yángcōng chǎo jīdàn ma ?)"Have you ever had onion and egg stir-fry?"
You can try that.
胡萝卜(húluóbo) is ”carrot"
我小时候不喜欢吃胡萝卜.(wǒ xiǎo shíhou bù xǐhuān chī húluóbo.)"When I was little, I didn't like carrots.” But now I don’t mind it, I don’t know why.
Okay next one is 花椰菜(huāyēcài)
花椰菜(huāyēcài) is ”cauliflower"
我觉得花椰菜和西兰花长的很像.(wǒ juéde huāyēcài hé xīlánhuā zhǎng de hěn xiàng.)"I think cauliflower and broccoli look like each other, other than the color.”
茄子(qiézi) is ”eggplant"
麻婆茄子你吃过吗?(mā pó qiézi nǐ chīguò ma ?)
There is a dish called 麻婆茄子 just like 麻婆豆腐, 麻婆 (má pó) is the way to cook it.
麻婆茄子你吃过吗?(má pó qiézi nǐ chīguò ma ?)"Have you had Mapo qiézi?" It’s good.
So that’s the end. We talked about vegetables today, all kinds of vegetables. What your favorite vegetable. Let us know. All right and I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. Have a great week. Bye bye.
I don’t know this vegetable.


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