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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys, welcome to Chinese weekly words, I am Yinru. 欢迎大家来到 Chinese weekly words. 这个星期 This week, we are going to have your face 脸,你的脸 (nǐ de liǎn)。
The first one 第一个:嘴(zuǐ )
嘴(zuǐ) is ”mouth"
朱丽叶罗伯茨的嘴很大.(Zhūlíyè luóbócí de zuǐ hěn dà.)
You know… 朱丽叶罗伯茨 (Zhūlíyè luóbócí) is Julia Roberts. Yeah her mouth is big. Yeah she is also famous in China so I just said 朱丽叶罗伯茨的嘴很大. 大嘴, big mouth.
胡子(húz) is ”beard"
This is beard.
我不喜欢他有胡子的样子.(wǒ bù xǐhuān tā yǒu húzi de yàngzi.)"I don't like it when he has beard."
下巴(xiàba) is ”chin"
你的下巴很可爱.(nǐ de xiàba hěn kěài.)"Your chin is cute."
嘴唇(zuǐchún) is ”lip"
Okay on to this… 你的嘴唇很性感.(nǐ de zuǐchún hěn xìnggǎn.)"Your lips are sexy."
眼睛(yǎnjīng), this is 眼睛(yǎnjīng) ”eye"
眼睛是心灵的窗户.(yǎnjīng shì xīnlíng de chuānghu.)"Eyes are windows to the soul."
That’s the end! We talked about face. All right, I will be here with you next week then on Chinese weekly words. 再见! Bye bye.
My hands look really big like this. I can see it.