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Lesson Transcript

Okay one more time. Hello everyone, welcome to Chinese weekly words with Yinru, and this week, we are going to talk about Continents. Continents this week.
Okay the continent we are having now is 亚洲(yàzhōu)
亚洲(yàzhōu) is ”Asia"
I can say: 日本,中国,韩国都在亚洲。(Rìběn, zhōngguó, hánguó dū zài yàzhōu.) What I said was "Japan, China, Korea, are all in Asia."
Next we have 北美(běiměi)
北美(běiměi) is ”North America"
加拿大在北美州的北边。(Jiānádà zài běiměi zhōu de běibian.)"Canada is in the north of North America."
南美(nánměi) is "South America"
我没有去过南美。(Wǒ méiyǒuqùguò nánměi.)"I have never been to South America."
Okay 下一个是:欧洲(ōuzhōu)
欧洲(ōuzhōu) is ”Europe"
欧洲有很多的国家。(Ōuzhōu yǒu hěnduō de guójiā.)"There are many, many countries in Europe."
非洲的人民很热情。(Fēizhōu de rénmín hěn rèqíng.)"People in Africa are very passionate."
They are always happy, they are always dancing, singing. So, 非洲(fēizhōu)
Okay that’s all for continents. We talked about different continents today. All right and that’s all. I will be here with you next time on Chinese weekly words.下周见吧!再见!

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