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Lesson Transcript

Hello 大家好! welcome to Chinese weekly words. 欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. This week, we are going to talk about… what is that?
Okay, interesting, personalities, 性格 (xìnggé)
我会有什么样的性格呢?(Wǒ huì yǒu shé me yàng dì xìnggé ní?)
机灵(jīling) means ”smart" or “clever”
她是一个机灵的小姑娘。(Tā shì yīgè jīling de xiǎo gūniáng.)"She is a very smart girl."
烦人的(fánrén de)
烦人的(fánrén de) is like oh I don’t want to be with him or her and so… “annoying"
烦人的(fánrén de) It’s annoying. I don’t think I have ever met a very annoying person like – too annoying.
蚊子很烦人。(Wénzi hěn fánrén.)"Mosquitoes are annoying." Really very annoying, I hate them.
Next one is 活泼(huópō)
活泼(huópō) is ”lively” or “bubbly"
Yeah, 我的朋友从来都很活泼。(Wǒ de péngyǒu cónglái dōu hěn huópō.)"My friend has always been very lively or bubbly."
This is always used to describe girls or kids.
脾气不好的(píqì bù hǎo de)
脾气不好的(píqì bù hǎo de) or 脾气不好(píqì bù hǎo) ”short-tempered", “bad tempered”.
我不是一个脾气不好的人。(Wǒ bùshì yīgè píqì bù hǎo de rén.)"I am not a short-tempered person."
Yeah I am sure I am not.
下一个是:自豪的(zìháo de) "proud"
他自豪的(Tā zìháo de)…
Okay, proud 自豪(zìháo), 自豪的(zìháo de)
作为一个中国人,我觉得很自豪。(Zuòwéi yīgè zhōngguó rén, wǒ juédé hěn zìháo.)"I am proud to be a Chinese."
Okay that’s all. We talked about different personalities today and I hope you enjoyed this video and I will be here with you on Chinese weekly words next week. 下周我们不见不散! Bye bye.