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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, good to see you here again. 非常高兴再次和大家在这里见面。(Fēicháng gāoxìng zàicì hé dàjiā zài zhèlǐ jiànmiàn.) Welcome to Chinese weekly words. This week, we are going to talk about post office.
邮局 (yóujú) post office, okay.
Now we have 信封(xìnfēng)
信封(xìnfēng) is ”envelope"
我需要一个大的信封。(Wǒ xūyào yí gè dà de xìnfēng.)"I need a big envelope."
okay, 信箱(xìnxiāng)
信箱(xìnxiāng) is ”mailbox"
我的信箱满了。(Wǒ de xìnxiāng mǎnle.)"My mailbox is full."
Next one is 邮局(yóujú)
It’s just "post office"
邮局几点开门?(Yóujú jǐdiǎn kāimén ?)"When does the post office open?"
信(xìn) is ”letter"
So like 信封(xìnfēng) is envelope 信箱(xìnxiāng) is mailbox. It’s all related to letter. So 信(xìn) means letter. Right emails.
她收到了一封分手信。(Tā shōudào le yì fēng fēnshǒu xìn.) It’s very sad. "She just received a breakup letter."
邮票(yóupiào) means ”a stamp"
你收集邮票吗?(Nǐ shōují yóupiào ma ?)"Do you collect stamps?"
收集邮票 (shōují yóupiào)
Okay. And that’s all for all the words you may use in the post office. And thanks for watching. I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 再见! Bye bye.