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Lesson Transcript

Hi! 大家好!欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. 这个礼拜 This week, we are going to talk about clothes 衣服 (yīfú) or 穿着 (chuānzhuó).
Okay first we have 帽子(màozi), something you put on your head.
帽子(màozi) "hat"
我觉得这个帽子很好看。(Wǒ juéde zhège màozi hěn hǎokàn.)"I think this hat looks good."
下一个是:裤子(kùzi) are for legs, "pants".
我的裤子脏了。(Wǒ de kùzi zāng le.)"My pants got dirty."
连衣裙(liányīqún) is ”dress"
他给女朋友买了一件连衣裙作为生日礼物。(Tā gěi nǚpéngyǒu mǎi le yí jiàn liányīqún zuòwéi shēngrì lǐwù.)"He bought a dress for his girlfriend as a birthday present."
夹克(jiákè) is ”jacket", sounds similar right? Okay 夹克(jiákè)
这件夹克很酷。(Zhè jiàn jiákè hěn kù.)"This jacket looks cool."
T恤衫(tīxùshān) is ”t-shirt"
T恤衫很舒服。(Tīxùshān hěn shūfu.)"T-shirts are comfortable."
Yeah okay that’s all for clothes. We talked about all kinds of clothes. Okay and we hope you enjoyed this video and I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 下周再见! Bye bye.
Something you put on your hat…uh put on your head, its hat.