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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Chinese weekly words. 欢迎大家再次来到 Chinese weekly words.
This week, we are going to talk about clothing accessories.
First one is 伞(sǎn)
伞(sǎn) is ”umbrella"
So the 伞(sǎn) we use for rain, it’s called 雨伞(yǔsǎn)
你带伞了吗?(Nǐ dài sǎn le ma ?)"Do you have an umbrella with you?"
下一个是:太阳镜(tàiyángjìng)… Just a second, I have it.
太阳镜(tàiyángjìng) "sunglasses"
太阳镜可以保护我们的眼睛。(Tàiyángjìng kěyǐ bǎohù wǒmen de yǎnjīng.)"Sunglasses can protect our eyes from the sun."
太阳镜(tàiyángjìng), or there is another way of saying it, which is 墨镜(mòjìng), 墨镜(mòjìng) also means 太阳镜(tàiyángjìng) “sunglasses”.
Okay next one is 手套(shǒutào)
手套(shǒutào) is ”glove"
This is 手 (shǒu). 手套(shǒutào) are things you put on your hands.
她洗碗的时候会戴上手套。(Tā xǐwǎn de shíhou huì dàishàng shǒutào.)"When she washes dishes, she would put on gloves."
Those rubber gloves. 手套(shǒutào).
手表(shǒubiǎo) is… I don’t have one but you put it on your wrist to check the time, it’s "watch”.
这只手表很贵。(Zhè zhī shǒubiǎo hěn guì.) Even though there is nothing on here, but let’s pretend there is a watch here and it’s expensive. So I just said "This watch is very expensive."
皮(pí) is “leather”, 带(dài) is like a belt, so it means "belt”.
不系皮带裤子会松。(Bú jì pídài kùzi huì sōng.) I just said "Without a belt, the pants would be too loose."
Okay that’s all. We talked about clothing accessories. So I hope you know how to say them now and I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 再见!下周见!


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