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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, welcome back to Chinese weekly words. Hi! 我是Yinru. 欢迎大家来到Chinese weekly words.
This week, we are going to talk about, let’s find out. We are going to talk about mammals. mammals.
狐狸(húli) is ”fox"
“What does the fox say?” Ah I’ve never seen one. It’s fox sound.
狐狸很臭(Húli hěn chòu), it’s known by people outside the China but Chinese people think they stink. I just said 狐狸很臭。(Húli hěn chòu.)"Foxes stink."
Next one is 老虎(lǎohǔ)
老虎(lǎohǔ) is ”tiger"
我爸爸是属老虎的。(Wǒ bàba shì shǔ lǎohǔ de.) So my father was born in the year of Tigers. So he is a Tiger.
I just said 我爸爸是属老虎的(Wǒ bàba shì shǔ lǎohǔ de),老虎完了是… “after tiger it is”…
兔子(tùzi) is this, cute "rabbit"
A nursery rhyme which we use to say a lot.
小白兔,白又白,两只耳朵竖起来,爱吃萝卜和青菜,蹦蹦跳跳真可爱。(Xiǎo báitù, bái yòu bái, liǎng zhǐ ěrduō shù qǐlái, ài chī luóbo hé qīngcài, bèngbèngtiàotiào zhēn kěài.)
It just talks about a rabbit. A rabbit is really cute, the rabbit has long ears and the rabbit is jumping up and down and he loves or she loves 萝卜 (luóbo ) is radish; 青菜(qīngcài) it’s like green vegetables. It teaches children to eat more vegetables I guess.
Next one is a very common animal 狗(gǒu)
狗(gǒu) is ”dog"
I have never had any pet, no dogs. Oh I have had chicken like little chickens. It’s funny because I just left them on the balcony. So the next day when I woke up, they were all gone because they fell or they suicide I don’t know. They were just all gone and the next morning I said, where did my chickens go? I don’t know, they don’t like me.
他们家的狗会咬人。(Tāmen jiā de gǒu huì yǎo rén.) Like, “their dog bites. They bite people”.
他们家的狗会咬人。(Tāmen jiā de gǒu huì yǎo rén.)
Oh next one is 熊猫(xióngmāo)
熊(xióng) is a bear 猫(māo) is a cat, so when 熊(xióng) and 猫(māo) comes together, they are actually another animal which is "panda”, like, very unique animal that grows up in China mostly and they are either just lying down there or they are just sleeping slow motion, movies. They are just lazy I guess but they are so cute.
熊猫是中国的国宝(Xióngmāo shì Zhōngguó de guóbǎo) means "Panda is a national treasure for China."
It’s the literal translation because we see 熊猫(xióngmāo) as the precious animal because there are not many, they are very rare.
下一个,噢没有下一个。That’s the end. We talked about mammals today and I hope you enjoyed this video. I will see you next week on Chinese weekly words 我们下周再见 Bye bye.