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Lesson Transcript

Hi I am Yinru again. Today’s weekly words are about Chinese Jobs.
So first one, 护士(hùshì)
护士(hùshì) means nurse. 很多护士都很年轻。(Hěnduō hùshì dōu hěn niánqīng.)"Many nurses are young."
Many nurses are young. Is that even true? I don’t know.
警察(jǐngchá) is ”police officer”, who is there for the bad guys.
很多小男孩的梦想是当警察。(Hěnduō xiǎo nánhái de mèngxiǎng shì dāng jǐngchá.)"Many of the little boys dream about being a police officer."
Not me! I am not a boy.
Okay, 农民(nóngmín)
农民(nóngmín) is ”farmer"
中国有很多人是农民。(Zhōngguó yǒu hěnduō rén shì nóngmín.)"There are many people who are farmers in China."
And 家庭主妇(jiātíng zhǔfù)
家庭主妇(jiātíng zhǔfù) means ”housewife"
家庭 (jiātíng) is “family” and 主妇 (zhǔfù) is like a wife, and 家庭主妇(jiātíng zhǔfù) “housewife”.
我不介意当一个家庭主妇。(Wǒ bú jièyì dāng yígè jiātíng zhǔfù.)"I don't mind being a housewife."
程序设计员(chéngxù shèjìyuán)"programmer"
程序设计员经常在晚上工作。(Chéngxù shèjì yuán jīngcháng zài wǎnshàng gōngzuò.)"Programmers always work at night."
I don’t know but…I don’t know.
That’s all for this week’s weekly words and we talked about Chinese Jobs. Right, Chinese Jobs and see you next week. Bye bye. 再见!


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Hello Paisley,

谢谢你的留言. 对, 3分钟真的很短。 😅 I hope you enjoyed this lesson thou.

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我觉得 Bryan 是说五个词不是足够因为有很多样的工作。我同意。

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Hello Bryan,

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There are too many jobs to cover in just three minutes. 😄

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Hi so I just want to say that the video is great but i keep hearing like brief bzzt and psst throughout the video and ONLY on the video also the visual pauses from time to time and when I download the video it works fine.