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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Yinru. Welcome to Chinese weekly words. 大家好,我是Yinru. And this week we have…weather. Weather 天气 (tiānqì).
Okay let’s see the first one.
刮风的(guāfēng de)"windy”, lots of wind.
刮风的(guāfēng de)
刮风的天气不要把衣服晾在外面。(guāfēng de tiānqì bùyào bǎ yīfu liàng zài wàimian.)"Don't hang your clothes outside when it's windy." Because you may lose them.
Next one is 潮湿的(cháoshī de), it means humid.
春天是一个潮湿的季节。(chūntiān shì ychūntiān shì yíge cháoshī de jìjié.)"Spring is a humid season." At least in China.
Okay next one is 闪电(shǎndiàn)
闪电(shǎndiàn) is ”lightening"
有人说闪电的时候不要洗澡。(yǒu rén shuō shǎndiàn de shíhou búyào xǐzǎo.)"Some people say don't take a shower when it's lightening outside."
The next one is 多云的(duōyún de)
云(yún) means"cloud". So 多云 means many clouds. So this word means “cloudy”.
明天是一个多云的星期天。(míngtiān shì yíge duō yún de Xīngqītiān.)"Tomorrow will be a cloudy Sunday."
Next one we have 暖和(nuǎnhuo)
暖和(nuǎnhuo) means ”warm"
屋子里比屋子外面暖和。(wūzi lǐ bǐ wūzi wàimian nuǎnhuo.)"It is warmer inside the house than outside the house."
Oh okay. That’s the end. So today we had weather and hopefully you enjoyed this video and I will see you next week. Bye bye 再见!