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Lesson Transcript

大家好!又见面了!Welcome to Chinese weekly words. Okay I am excited to find out what this week’s themes will be. Okay we will have in the classroom. Now we are back in school.
First one is 学生(xuéshēng)
学生(xuéshēng) is ”student"
这家店很受学生的欢迎。(zhè jiā diàn hěn shòu xuéshēng de huānyíng.)"This store is popular among students."
下一个是:家庭作业(jiātíng zuòyè)
家庭作业(jiātíng zuòyè) is “homework"
今天没有家庭作业,太好了。(jīntiān méiyǒu jiātíng zuòyè , tài hǎole.)"We don't have any homework today. That's great."
橡皮(xiàngpí) is what you use when you want to correct something, ”eraser"
”eraser" 橡皮(xiàngpí)
这块橡皮很好用。(zhè kuài xiàngpí hěn hǎoyòng.)"This eraser really works well."
Yeah some erasers just don’t do their job.
Okay 下一个是:考试(kǎoshì)
考试(kǎoshì) is ”test"
明天就要考试了,我特别的紧张。(míngtiān jiù yào kǎoshì le , wǒ tèbié de jǐnzhāng.)"Tomorrow we're going to have a test, I'm so nervous."
下一个是 Next one is 课本(kèběn)
课本(kèběn) is ”textbook"
这个课本太厚了。(zhège kèběn tài hòu le.)"This textbook is too thick."
Okay that’s all for at the classroom. So thanks for watching and I will see you here next week. 下周见 Bye bye.

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