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Lesson Transcript

Hi! 大家好! Welcome to Chinese weekly words. The words we are going to have today are about… medicine, oh okay.
The first medicine is 感冒药(gǎnmào yào)
so it’s "cold medicine"
感冒药真的有用吗?(gǎnmàoyào zhēnde yǒuyòng ma ?)"Would cold medicine really help?"
止咳糖浆(zhǐké tángjiāng)
止咳糖浆(zhǐké tángjiāng) is ”cough medicine"
止咳糖浆是甜的.(zhǐké tángjiāng shì tián de.) "The cough medicine is sweet."
药(yào) is a general term, it just means ”medicine”.
你今天吃药了吗?(nǐ jīntiān chī yào le ma ?)"Did you take your medicine today?"
药方(yàofāng) means ”prescription"
医生给我开了一个很好的药方.(yīshēng gěi wǒ kāi le yí ge hěn hǎo de yàofāng.)"The doctor gave me a really good prescription."
阿司匹林(āsīpīlín) is ”Aspirin"
阿司匹林可以止痛.(āsīpīlín kěyǐ zhǐtòng.)"Aspirin can stop you from hurting."
So that’s the end and please give us a comment if you have any questions and we would really appreciate that. So I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words 再见! bye bye.