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Lesson Transcript

Hi welcome to Chinese weekly words. 欢迎来到 Chinese weekly words. This week, we are going to talk about… hygiene actions? Hygiene actions. Okay.
First one, first one is 刮胡子(guā húzi)
Suppose I am a guy and I do this in the morning, you know, to make myself look clear, it means "to shave”.
她先生每天都会刮胡子.(tā xiānsheng měitiān dūhuì guā húzi.)"Her husband shaves every morning."
It means “to brush your teeth”, “to brush”, 刷牙(shuāyá).
记住早晚都要刷牙哦!(jìzhu zǎowǎn dōu yào shuāyá o !)"Remember to brush both in the morning and at night."
梳(shū). Next one is 梳(shū)
It’s a verb, it means, like, hey ya I got something here. This is 梳(shū), can you see? “Brush” your hair and not teeth.
她梳了梳她的头发.(tā shū le shū tā de tóufa.)"She just brushed her hair."
洗澡(xǐzǎo) means ”to bathe” or “to shower"
你身上太臭了, 快去洗澡吧!(nǐ shēn shàng tài chòu le , kuài qù xǐzǎo ba !)"You stink. Go take a shower!"
Okay, 下一个是:漱口(shù kǒu)
漱口(shù kǒu) is like you take a drink of water but you don’t swallow it, you do “rrrrrr”, "to gargle”.
我听见他在漱口.(wǒ tīngjiàn tā zài shù kǒu.)"I hear him gargling (now).”
So that’s all. We talked about hygiene actions today. We hope that you like this video. Next week, I will be here with you on Chinese weekly words. Have a great week and bye bye 再见!