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Lesson Transcript

欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. Welcome back to Chinese weekly words. Well let’s find out what we are going to talk about today. Birds, 鸟 (niǎo).
Okay first one is 公鸡(gōngjī)
公鸡(gōngjī) is ”rooster"
中文里公鸡是“喔喔”叫的.(Zhōngwén lǐ gōngjī shì "wō wō" jiào de.) "In Chinese the sound rooster makes is "wo wo"."
鸭子(yāzi) is ”duck"
河里有三只小鸭子。(hé lǐ yǒu sān zhǐ xiǎo yāzi.)"There are three little ducks in the river."
鸽子(gēzi) is ”pigeon"
Actually there is something bad I want to confess as a Chinese because we eat Pigeons. I know that. What?!
鸽子汤很有营养.(gēzi tāng hěn yǒu yíngyǎng.)"Pigeon soup is very nutritious."
鹤(hè) is ”crane"
鹤是长寿的象征.(hè shì chángshòu de xiàngzhēng.)"Crane is the symbol for long life." At least in China and maybe in ancient culture too.
Okay next one 鸡(jī)
鸡(jī) is ”chicken"
你吃过鸡爪吗?(nǐ chīguò jī zhuǎ ma ?)"Have you ever eaten chicken feet?" Yes I have and I love it.
Okay that’s all for birds. We talked about different kinds of birds. Tell us about what you think of this video and we will really appreciate that. So I will see you next week on Chinese weekly words. 下周见! bye bye.