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Lesson Transcript

No I am not ready, now I am ready. Hi! 大家好!欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. Welcome to Chinese weekly words and what are we going to have today. Let’s find out. Okay this week, we are going to talk about Studying Language.
学习(xuéxí) is ”to study"
他学习很努力.(tā xuéxí hěn nǔlì.)"He studies really hard."
动词(dòngcí) is ”verb"
你会用这个动词了吗?(nǐ huì yòng zhège dòngcí le ma ?)"Now do you know how to use this verb?"
名词(míngcí )
名词(míngcí ) is ”noun"
我们今天学习了很多名词.(wǒmen jīntiān xuéxí le hěn duō míngcí.) means ”We learned a lot of nouns today."
下一个是:语言(yǔyán )
语言(yǔyán ) is ”language"
音乐是一门世界语言.(yīnyuè shì yì mén shìjiè yǔyán.)"Music is an international language."
下一个是:重复(chóngfù )
重复(chóngfù ) means ”to repeat"
That’s really useful when you study a language because you need to repeat and repeat, repeat until you can remember.
请再重复一遍好吗?(qǐng zài chóngfù yíbiàn hǎo ma ?)"Can you repeat it?"
All right, yeah that’s the end. We talked about studying a language. So that’s it and I will see you next week on Chinese weekly words. 再见!


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