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Lesson Transcript

Hi! 大家好!Welcome to Chinese weekly words with Yinru and very glad to see you here again. This week, we are going to talk about crossing borders. Crossing borders.
The first one 入境卡(rù jìng kǎ)
卡 (kǎ), “card”; and it’s an ”entry card”
请填写入境卡.(qǐng tiánxiě rù jìng kǎ.)"Please fill in your entry card."
Next one is 国籍(guójí)
国籍(guójí) is ”nationality"
我的国籍是中国.(wǒ de guójí shì Zhōngguó.)"My nationality is China."
Okay next one is 护照(hùzhào)
护照(hùzhào) is ”passport"
请保管好你的护照.(qǐng bǎoguǎn hǎo nǐ de hùzhào.)"Please take care of your passport (not to lose it).”
Now we have 海关(hǎiguān)
海关(hǎiguān) is ”customs"
入境的时候要过海关.(rùjìng de shíhou yào guò hǎiguān.) “When you enter a country, you need to go through customs.”
签证(qiānzhèng) means ”visa"
我的签证已经准备好了.(wǒ de qiānzhèng yǐjīng zhǔnbèi hǎo le.)"I have my visa ready."
All right, so that’s it. We talked about crossing border, crossing a border today and hope you liked this video and I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 再见!