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Lesson Transcript

Hi all friends on YouTube, welcome to Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru. This week we are going to have – we are going to talk about Tourism, 旅游 ((lǚyóu).
Okay first we have 寺院(sìyuàn)
寺院(sìyuàn) means ”temple"
这个寺院特别安静。(zhège sìyuàn tèbié ānjìng.)"This temple is really quiet."
下一个是:旅游巴士(lǚyóu bāshì )
巴士(bāshì )"bus”, 旅游巴士(lǚyóu bāshì ) is a “tour bus"
旅游巴士在旅游的时候很方便。(lǚyóu bāshì zài lǚyóu de shíhou hěn fāngbiàn.)"Tour buses are convenient when you're touring."
游客(yóukè) is ”tourist"
今年这里的游客特别多。(jīnnián zhèli de yóukè tèbié duō.)"There're many many tourists here this year."
行程(xíngchéng) is an ”itinerary" or your tour schedule. 行程(xíngchéng).
希望我们的行程不是很紧张。(xīwàng wǒmen de xíngchéng bù shì hěn jǐnzhāng.)"Hope our itinerary (or hope our schedule) is not so full." Yeah then it’s no fun.
旅游(lǚyóu) means ”to tour”.
Wait…wait for me! 旅游(lǚyóu) means “to tour” or “to travel”.
Chinese sentence… 我和我的父母到海南岛旅游。(wǒ hé wǒ de fùmǔ dào Hǎinándǎo lǚyóu.)"My parents and I travelled to Hainan Island.”
It’s a island in South China. It’s very famous tourist place.
That’s all for tourism. We talked about tourism words today and hope you liked this video. I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 下周见!再见!

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