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Lesson Transcript

Hi our friends on YouTube. YouTube Channel的朋友,大家好! Welcome to Chinese weekly words. Let’s find out what we are going to have this week. It’s about geography, 地理 (dìlǐ).
沙漠(shāmò) is ”desert"
骆驼是生活在沙漠中的动物。(Luòtuó shì shēnghuó zài shāmò zhōng de dòngwù.)"Camels are the animals that you always find in deserts."
河(hé) means ”river"
黄河和长江是中国的两条大河。(Huánghé hé chángjiāng shì zhōngguó de liǎng tiáo dàhé.)"The Yellow River and the Yangtze River are the two largest rivers in China."
Now we have 海洋(hǎiyáng)
海洋(hǎiyáng) is ”ocean"
这个周末我想去海洋公园。(Zhège zhōumò wǒ xiǎng qù hǎiyáng gōngyuán.)"This weekend I want to go to the ocean park."
Next one is 岛(dǎo)
岛(dǎo) means ”island"
海南岛是中国著名的旅游景点。(Hǎinán dǎo shì zhōngguó zhùmíng de lǚyóu jǐngdiǎn.)"Hainan Island (or Hainan-dao) is a famous tourist attraction in China." People call it the Hawaii in China. Yeah it’s beautiful though.
And next one is 湖(hú)
湖(hú) is ”lake"
中国最大的淡水湖是鄱阳湖。(Zhōngguó zuìdà de dànshuǐ hú shì póyáng hú.)"The biggest fresh water lake in China is Poyang Lake." It’s in Jiangxi province.
All right, that’s all for geography. I hope you liked this video and I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. 下周不见不散!Bye bye.