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Lesson Transcript

Hello. Welcome to Chinese weekly words. 欢迎大家来到Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru and this week, we are going to talk about At a Hotel.
宾馆(bīnguǎn) means ”hotel"
To say hotel, you can either say 宾馆(bīnguǎn) or 酒店(jiǔdiàn). 酒店(jiǔdiàn) is also right for hotel.
这是一个很高级的宾馆。(Zhè shì yí gè hěn gāojí de bīnguǎn.) This is a… 高级(gāojí) means “advanced”, but here it can mean “It is a fancy hotel."
这是一个很高级的宾馆。(Zhè shì yí gè hěn gāojí de bīnguǎn.)
前台(qiántái) means ”front desk"
那个在前台的女生是我的朋友。(Nà gè zài qiántái de nǚshēng shì wǒ de péngyǒu.)"The girl at the front desk is my friend."
床(chuáng) is “bed”, 单人(dānrén) is “single person”; so 单人床(dānrénchuáng) is ”single bed”.
单人床比较小。(Dānrénchuáng bǐjiào xiǎo.)"Single beds are relatively smaller."
下一个是:客房服务(kèfáng fúwù)
服务(fúwù) is “service”, 客房 (kèfáng) “guest room”; so it means ”room service”.
送餐是客房服务之一。(Sòngcān shì kèfáng fúwù zhīyī.)"Delivering meals is one of the room service."
大厅(dàtīng) is ”lobby"
我们在大厅等吧。(Wǒmen zài dàtīng děng ba.)"Let's meet in the lobby"
That’s it for At a Hotel. Hope you liked this video and again I will be here with you next week on Chinese weekly words. Bye bye 再见!