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Lesson Transcript

Hello! 大家好!欢迎来到Chinese weekly words. Welcome back. This week, we are going to talk about Currency Exchange.
It means ”to convert”. Well it’s only used when you talk about money.
我想把人民币兑换成美元。(Wǒ xiǎng bǎ rénmínbì duìhuàn chéng měiyuán.) I just said "I want to convert the RMB (or Renminbi, which is the Chinese money, Chinese yuan), change them into American dollars."
Next one is 外汇(wàihuì)
外(wài) means “foreign”, like 外国人 (wàiguó rén) “foreigner”. 外汇(wàihuì) means ”foreign exchange"
So this is the sentence you use when you go into a bank and you ask a staff, 这里办理外汇业务吗?(Zhèlǐ bànlǐ wàihuì yèwù ma ?)"Do you have or do you do foreign exchange here?"
It is like you can count it, it is “cash”. In Chinese… like there are different ways. I think some people do that. Some people just like fan it out, do you say that? I wish I had money in my hand to show you.
这家店只能用现金不能刷卡。(Zhè jiā diàn zhǐnéng yòng xiànjīn bù néng shuākǎ.)"In this store, you can only use cash, you cannot use card."
刷卡 (shuākǎ) means “to swipe your card”.
Next one is 货币(huòbì)
货币(huòbì) means ”currency"
这种货币很值钱。(Zhèzhǒng huòbì hěn zhíqián.)"This kind of currency is worth a lot of money (or is very valuable).”
很值钱 (hěn zhíqián) can mean “valuable”. So 这种货币很值钱。(Zhèzhǒng huòbì hěn zhíqián.)
Next one 美元(měiyuán)
美 (měi) is 美国 (měiguó) “America”; 美元(měiyuán) ”US Dollar"
这家机场的商店里可以用美元。(Zhè jiā jīchǎng de shāngdiàn lǐ kěyǐ yòng měiyuán.)"The stores in this airport accepts US dollars."
I hope you like this video and this will be our last episode for now. Well I guess I will see you down the road. I really hope you guys enjoyed and learned something from this series, Chinese weekly words. All right everyone, 我们下次再见吧!再见!Bye bye.