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Lesson Transcript

Hello 大家好! Hi everyone. Welcome to Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru and this week, we have major Chinese cities.
And the first one is 上海(Shànghǎi) “Shanghai”. You know, Shanghai.
上海是一個很国际化的城市。(Shànghǎi shì yīgè hěn guójì huà de chéngshì.)"Shanghai is a very international city."
And next one we have 南京(Nánjīng).
This one is interesting because compared to Beijing 北京 (Běijīng), 北 (běi) means “north” capital literally, and 南京(Nánjīng) is south capital because once in history, “Nanjing” was once the capital of China too.
南京是一个历史悠久的城市。(Nánjīng shì yīgè lìshǐ yōujiǔ de chéngshì.)"Nanjing is a city with a long history."
Next one is 哈尔滨(Hā'ěrbīn). “Harbin” is the city in the very north; it’s in the north of China. So it’s very cold in winter.
你去过哈尔滨的冰雪节吗?(Nǐ qùguò hā'ěrbīn de bīngxuě jié ma?)"Have you ever been to the snow festival in Harbin?"
It’s cold, I’ve never been that cold you know because I grew up in the south part of China.
Next one is 成都(Chéngdū). "Chengdu" is the capital city of Sichuan.
成都有大熊猫基地。(Chéngdū yǒu dà xióngmāo jīdì.)"There is a panda (research) base (in Chengdu).” It’s a base for raising pandas.
Yeah, so Chengdu is also famous for Pandas.
大连(Dàlián) “Dalian”
大连是一个海滨城市。(Dàlián shì yīgè hǎibīn chéngshì.)"Dalian is city that’s next to the ocean.” It is the seaside city probably.
And that’s the end! So we have many major cities in China today and I hope you remember all of them and you get to visit them some day. And that’s all and I will see you next week. Bye bye 下周见!