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Lesson Transcript

Hello! 大家好! 我是Yinru。Welcome to Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru and as usual, I do not know what the theme will be. You know, what the words we will have this week. So let’s find out together. Okay all right, this week, we will have the solar system 太陽系 (tàiyángxì).
Okay 地球(dìqiú)
地球(dìqiú) is ”Earth"
So 地球是我们的家。(dìqiú shì wǒmen de jiā.)"Earth is our home."
水星(shuǐxīng) means ”Mercury"
水星上有水吗?(shuǐxīng shàng yǒu shuǐ ma ?)"Is there water on Mercury?"
Because you know 水星(shuǐxīng) in Chinese 水(shuǐ) is water, 星(xīng) is planet. So I just thought about water.
Next one is 海王星(hǎiwángxīng)
海王星(hǎiwángxīng) is ”Neptune".
So if I make a sentence with 海王星(hǎiwángxīng) I probably will say 王星离太阳有多远?(hǎiwángxīng lí tàiyáng yǒu duōyuǎn ?)"How far is it from Neptuen to the Sun?"
Next one, 火星(huǒxīng)
火星(huǒxīng) is ”Mars"
火星上有生命吗?(huǒxīng shàng yǒu shēngmìng ma ?)"Is there life on Mars?"
Next one is 金星(jīnxīng)"Venus"
金星(jīnxīng), 金星(jīnxīng), 金星(jīnxīng)
金星是一颗很美丽的星球。(jīnxīng shì yīkē hěn měilì de xīngqiú.)"Venus is a beautiful planet."
And okay that’s the end for the solar system and thanks for watching and I will see you next week. Bye bye 下周见!