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Lesson Transcript

Hi! 大家好! Good to see you here again on Chinese weekly words. I am Yinru and this week, we are going to have a wallet or in your wallet.
So the first one we will have in our wallet is 会员卡 (huì yuán kǎ)
卡(kǎ) means “card” and 会员 (huì yuán) is “member” or “membership”. So 会员卡(huì yuán kǎ) means “membership card”.
我有东航的会员卡。(wǒ yǒu Dōngháng de huì yuán kǎ.)"I have the membership card of China Eastern (the airline).”
Next one is 信用卡(xìn yòng kǎ)
Another 卡(kǎ), 信用卡(xìn yòng kǎ) means “credit card”.
我的信用卡快到期了。(wǒ de xìnyòngkǎ kuài dàoqī le.)"My credit card will expire soon."
借记卡(jiè jì kǎ)
借记卡(jiè jì kǎ) is ”debit card”.
你的借记卡可以借给我用一下吗?(nǐ de jiè jì kǎ kěyǐ jiè gěi wǒ yòng yíxià ma ?)"Could I borrow your debit card?"
Next one is 名片(míngpiàn)
名片(míngpiàn) means “business card”.
你好,这是我的名片,谢谢。(nǐhǎo, zhè shì wǒ de míngpiàn , xièxie.)"Hello, this is my business card. Please."
驾照(jiàzhào), without this, you cannot drive. 驾照(jiàzhào) means ”driver's license"
明年我一定要考到驾照。(míngnián wǒ yídìng yào kǎo dào jiàzhào.)"I must have a driver's license next year."
Okay that’s the end for what’s in your wallet. Thank you guys for liking our videos and giving us nice comments and I will see you next week. Bye bye 下周见!